Which State Grows The Most Christmas Trees?

Which state grows the most Christmas Trees? as there are many states in the world that are producing Christmas Trees. But if you really want to know which is the number one state, that is Washington. Washington is on the top list of states to give the most Christmas Trees in all the states of the U.S. and also a part of Oregon. Nearby 250 Christmas tree farms were a total of 23000 acres in Washington state in 2015. It means Washington produces a maximum of 2.3 million trees every year. 

Of all these trees 90% of trees sold like Douglas and Noble fir trees in their own state. But artificial Christmas Trees are produced in China. Every year China sends Artificial Christmas trees. Confirming to the U.S. Commerce Department nearly 9 million artificial plastic trees come from China by Ocean every year.

List of Top 10 States in the World grow most Christmas Trees:

These are the top number list of producing the most Christmas Trees in the world.

  1. Washington.
  2. Oregon.
  3. Michigan.
  4. Pennsylvania.
  5. Wisconsin.
  6. Virginia.
  7. New York.
  8. North Carolina.
  9. Minnesota.
  10. Ohio.

1. Washington:

Washington is the number 1 state to produce Christmas Trees in the world. It prevails dominancy over all other countries in Christmas tree growth.

2. Oregon:

Oregon usually comes in 2nd place. Oregon is the state of the U.S. for producing the best Christmas Trees. Now over there are more than 1,000 farms in Oregon of Christmas Trees.

3. Michigan:

 Michigan is the 3rd one to produce Christmas Trees. Nearby 42,000 acres are used over there just for Christmas farms also these are sold there.

4. Pennsylvania:

 Did you know before that? that Pennsylvania has some of the best qualities of Christmas Trees all over the world. We can also say that Pennsylvania is the Christmas tree Capital of the world. Pennsylvania is the home of 14,00 Christmas tree farms.

5. Wisconsin:

No doubt that every state in the U.S. grows Christmas Trees but Wisconsin is also one of the best growers in the U.S. It’s even proven that the white house also prefers and accepts Wisconsin pine on the Christmas festival.

6. Virginia:

Virginia comes in the 6th number we can say. Here is the best Christmas Tree business growing.

7. New York:

It will be interesting to know that New York has 876 Christmas tree farms. Even the state ranks come in fourth in the nation for the number of acres reserved for growing Christmas Trees. There are tree farms spanning roughly 19,000 acres.

8. North Carolina:

It comes at the top of the American counties for Christmas tree production in Ashe County, North Carolina. Nearby 20 million Christmas Trees, scattered across 12,000 acres.

9. Minnesota:

Christmas Trees grown in Minnesota sell roughly 500,000 trees. There are three specific tree types that grow in Minnesota Balsam and Fraser fir, along with the Scotch pine. These are most often in Minnesota.

10. Ohio:

In 7,000 acres of tree populations Ohio grows 700 Christmas tree farms and it’s a big deal. There are some special types of Christmas Trees produced by Ohio like Red pine, Norway spruce, Serbian spruce, etc.

Types of Christmas Trees:

There are many types of Christmas Trees here is a list of the most famous types

  1. Fraser fir
  2. Balsam fir
  3. Douglas fir
  4. Noble fir
  5. Norway Spruce
  6. Blue spruce
  7. Scotch pine
  8. White pine
  9. Serbian spruce

Importance and purpose of Christmas tree:

The Christmas tree is a forever green tree decorated by Christians with beautiful, colorful lights, toys, and ornaments _Christmas festival and the Christmas tree is a special part of their life. It is also the best part of the December celebrations. It is a strong religious sign of Christianity. It can be fresh-cut and can also be artificial and used for indoor and also for outdoor decorations. In the religion of Christianity, this tree represents Jesus’ birth. 

People have some thinkings about the Christmas tree that its branches and bushes are a signature of immortality because these tree branches look like Christ’s crown of thorns on the cross. Also, people do believe that every ornament on the Christmas tree has a very special meaning. Some several symbolized their home cultures decorated with forever green and fresh as a positive signature of peace and productivity. Anyway, their religious book bible does not say anything about this festival and tree, etc.


Which state grows the most Christmas Trees is an interesting and also an important question that anyone can ask. Washington and other countries are growers of Christmas Trees. Christmas Tree as the name shows its relation to Christianity. It’s a noble one and used in decoration on the auspicious occasion of Christmas. So it enjoys primacy over other trees. There are many states all over the world that are growing and also producing Christmas trees and they also grow all types of Christmas Trees. As well as real Christmas trees, China and some other countries produce artificial Christmas Trees.

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