What is Slugging in Baseball?

What is slugging in baseball? If you are a baseball follower, you may have heard the term slugging percentage. Slugging percentage is a statistic used to describe how well a certain hitter is hitting, especially for power. The slugging percentage calculates the total number of bases scored by a hitter per at-bat.

This statistic differs from the batting average because the slugging percentage assigns different weights to specific hits. For example, home runs score higher than singles, but batting averages are the same regardless of type or weight.

Slugging percentage: It is a statistic that measures how long a player hits, such as doubles, triples, and home runs. The slugging percentage shows the number of earned bases per at-bat. This statistic is calculated by taking the entire number of bases saved and dividing it by the number of at-bats saved. By reading the following points carefully you can be able to get the idea of slugging. i.e. its objective and calculation criteria etc.

  1. Why is it called a slugging percentage?
  2. The objective of slugging percentage.
  3. How to calculate the slugging percentage.
  4. Calculation Example.
  5. What is a good slugging percentage?
  6. Career slugging percentage leaders.

1. Why is it called a slugging percentage?

The term slugging percentage is used to represent the power produced by the hitter. A higher slugging percentage means more power shots. The term “slug” or “slugger” often mentions a player who hits hard. That’s why the statistic describing power is termed slugging percentage.

2. The objective of Slugging percentage:

The objective of slugging percentage is to determine how much power a hitter produces. If the player has a high slugging percentage, then that means they produce a high percentage of extra-base hits.

3. How to calculate the Slugging percentage?

The slugging percentage is calculated differently than the batter average. The slugging percentage is not always an actual percentage. To calculate entire bases, take the entire batter hit and 1 for each double, 2 for each triple, and 3 for each home run. The formula for slugging percentage is (1B + 2Bx2 + 3Bx3 + HRx4)/AB.

This formula is used because every hit is assigned a different score in slugging percentage. Singles are not weighted. Doubles are weighted by multiples of 2. Triples are weighted by multiples of 3. Home runs are weighted by multiples of 4.

4. Calculation Example of Slugging percentage:

An example of calculating Slugging percentage can be found by looking at Babe Ruth’s historical slugging percentage. In 1920, Babe Ruth had 172 hits. Ruth had 73 singles, 36 doubles, 9 triples, and 54 home runs. Ruth had 458 at-bats. So the calculation would look like (73×1) + (36×2) + (9×3) + (54×4) = 388. 388/458= .847 which was Ruth’s slugging percentage.

5. What is a good Slugging percentage?

The slugging percentage is a statistic that depends mainly on the type of hitter a player is. If you’re a contact hitter you won’t hit with an extremely high slugging percentage because your hits aren’t weighted as much as power hits. If you are a power hitter, you may have a high slugging percentage. Yet, a good slugging percentage is 0.450. A slugging percentage of .550 is awesome, and anything above .650 is elite. On the other hand, the slugging percentage of .350 is poor.

6. Career Slugging percentage leaders:

You might be wondering who has the highest all-time slugging percentage. Babe Ruth has the highest slugging percentage with a career mark of .6897. Ted Williams goes after him with a career mark of .6338. Third on the all-time list is Lou Gehrig with a career mark of .6324. Jimmie Foxx is at 4th with a slugging percentage of .6093 and Barry Bonds at the top 5th with .6069.

1Babe Ruth0.6897
2Ted Williams0.6338
3Lou Gehrig0.6324
4Mule Suttles0.6179
5Turkey Stearnes0.6165
6Oscar Charleston0.6145
7Jimmie Foxx0.6093
8Barry Bonds0.6069
9Hank Greenberg0.605
10Mark McGwire0.5882
11Manny Ramirez0.5854
12Mike Trout0.5845
13Joe DiMaggio0.5788
14Aaron Judge0.5784
15Rogers Hornsby0.5765
16Larry Walker *0.5652
17Albert Belle0.5638
18Johnny Mize0.562
19Juan González0.5607
20Stan Musial0.5591

Conclusion OF What is Slugging in Baseball?:

A good slugging percentage powerfully determines potential strategies, forever focusing on points for improvements. Players can choose to explore these individually or as a team.


Who has the Highest Slugging Percentage of all Time?

The highest slugging percentage of all time is Babe Ruth’s with a career mark of .6897. Babe Ruth is considered to be one of the most prominent hitters of all time.

What is a Good Slugging Percentage?

A good slugging percentage is .450. A slugging percentage of .550 is amazing and anything .650 and above is elite. On the other hand, a slugging percentage of .350 is poor.

What is the Difference Between Batting Average and Slugging Percentage?

The batting average is represented by dividing a player’s hits by his total at-bats for a number between zero. On the hand, the Slugging percentage determines the total number of bases a player records per at-bat.

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