We will lock your device soon text

We will lock your device soon text: If you are getting messages saying “we will lock your device soon.” It’s from a phishing site you should not reply to this text as it’s a scam. Your personal information will be leaked.

Purpose of this kind of Message:

This kind of scam is common nowadays and if you’re getting these texts so be aware, their purpose is to hack your device. Resultantly your data can be leaked.

Is it possible to hack a Phone with this?

Basically hacking the device by just text is not possible, but it can happen if you click on the link in the text or download any app by using that link. You should never click on any type of links sent by strangers. Your device can get hacked and your data can be leaked so it is good to ignore them.

Can you get a virus in your device by text message?

The text message is an easy and simple method frequently used by the criminals and scammers. Simply opening and reading the message will not affect your device unless you try to open the link. Your device can get viruses if you open the link or download the app they recommend.

Some apps you should not use:

There are approximately sixteen malware applications that can ruin your device without your knowledge. These apps can control your device and get access to all your other apps and websites. But such types of applications are increasing day by day so its time to be aware of these scams and save your personal data.


1. Can a sim card get a Virus?

Your sim cards can get viruses. It can delete your contact list and personal information. It can damage your sim card.

2. Why is my sim card locked?

If you enter your PIN code wrong several times, your sim card will be locked. To unlock your sim card you need a PUK code and to get a PUK code you have to contact your cellular company.

3. Your phone may be in danger notification:

To stop this type of notification you need to delete all suspicious apps from your device. You should reboot your device in safe mode.

4. How to get rid of spam Messages on my iPhone?

Open the messages then touch and hold the spam message and tap on Report junk.

5. What if I reply to a spam text?

If you have replied to a spam text, possibly you will get more spam texts and calls.

6. How to turn off spam Messages?

You can turn off spam messages on an Android phone by disabling all potential spam messages.

Can someone hack my Phone by texting me?

No, your phone can not be hacked just by opening and reading a text. But it can get hacked if you further follow the instructions of the text.

Why am I getting spam messages suddenly?

If you are getting spam messages suddenly that means the sender wants access to your device and personal information.


If you’re getting spam messages you should never follow the instructions of the message. They will either send you a link or recommend some apps. It is better to ignore these texts to protect your device and personal information.


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