The New Adventures Of Peter Pan The Heat:

The new adventures of Peter Pan is a famous kids’ show. It is one of the sequels to the fictional character Peter Pan. In this show, Peter Pan visits modern-day London and he takes the kids to Neverland to experience new adventures with him.

About the show:

This is an animated show, that aired from 2012-2016. 

Genre: The genre of this show is Fantasy, Adventure, and Kids.

Protagonists: The protagonists in this show are:

  • Peter Pan: He is the main character of this show. He is playing a fictional character of a boy who is happy as a kid and decides for himself to be a kid forever. He lives in Neverland, visits London, and takes Darling’s siblings with him to Neverland.
  • Tinker Bell: She is a little red-haired fairy. She is a companion and constant support of Peter Pan. With the use of her Magical fairy dust, she lets Peter Pan fly. 
  • Darling’s Siblings: Three kids from London who traveled with him to Neverland. Names are: 
  1. John
  2. Micheal
  3. Wendy III
  • Other: other protagonists are: 
  1. Chubs
  2. Cynthia
  3. Meera
  4. Maya
  5. Baby
  6. Tiger lily
  7. Great Chief
  8. String Bean.

Antagonists: The Antagonists in this show are:

  • Captain Hook: He is the main enemy of Peter Pan. He wants to rule Neverland and defeat PP. Along with him, a group of six pirates lives who although sometimes get offended by the Captain`s obsession with PP. 
  • Other Antagonists: Other Antagonists are:
  1. Smee
  2. Jaro
  3. Jack Sorrow
  4. Asbjoern
  5. Dagan
  6. Shaloon.

All of them have different kinds of strengths and weaknesses.

The Storyline Of  The New Adventures Of Peter Pan:

Peter Pan is a child who chose to never grow. He lives in Neverland and visits the modern world sometimes. He often visited Darling`s House with his fairy and shadow. One night, Mrs. Darling`s dog ran after them. They flew away with shadows behind them. He and the fairy came back for shadow, and that’s when one of the darling siblings helped them. He took Darling’s siblings to Neverland to show them around and to listen to bedtime stories. They experienced lots of things. Each episode of the show has some adventures. In episode 26 of season 1, they faced the issue of Global warming. 

Global Warming:

The school year ended and excursions were canceled. Peter Pan took the Darling’s siblings to Neverland to enjoy the Springtime. Everyone in Neverland was preparing for the spring contest, Hook (the antagonist) and his pirates tried to give a bad luck potion to Peter and his friends. Unluckily the potion landed on John and Ladybug who were the judges of this contest. They came from the Secret Garden to judge this contest.

Island faced a severe heat wave, it was getting hotter and hotter. One lady bud started throwing a tantrum and the other was trying to calm her down. The heat was intensifying, dead leaves started falling down from trees. Animals ran to rivers but the water there was also hot. John also started behaving weirdly, Peter realized that something strange was happening and he had to stop it. They started looking for Jaro to ask him how to find a solution to this problem. 

Will they be able to save the flower bud?

Will they save Neverland from melting down?

To find answers, you should watch this show.


This show is about a kid who doesn’t want to grow up. It is pointing toward some psychological disorders like all the characters from most fantasy movies have. Maybe it will be revealed someday too. But different episodes address different issues. It is definitely worth a watch. People can watch this with their kids to spend some quality movie time together.

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