The Longest Country Name Beginning With P

The longest country name beginning with the letter P exists on the map of the world as There are 10 countries whose names begin with the letter P.

List of Countries whose names begin with the letter P: 

There are 10 countries in total whose names begin with the letter P. Names of these countries are in the list given below:

  1. Pakistan
  2. Peru
  3. Poland
  4. Portugal
  5. Palau
  6. Panama
  7. Paraguay
  8. Philippines
  9. Palestine State
  10. Papua New Guinea

Out of these 10 population of Pakistan is the highest and the Philippines ranks second. Palau ranks last in the list with the lowest population.

It is quite evident from the above list that the longest name beginning with P is Papua New Guinea. 

Papua New Guinea: 

Papua New Guinea is an Island country located in the East of New Guinea and comprises the eastern half of New Guinea and its offshore islands.

  • Area
  • Language
  • Climate
  • Economy
  • Religion
  • Culture
  • Tourists attraction sites in PNG


The area of this country is 178,703 sq. mi. It is World’s third-largest island country.


Its official languages are Papuan, English, Hiri Motu, PNG sign language, and Tok Pisin. 


The climate of this country is Hot and Tropical. Two distinct seasons are present; wet and dry. The average monthly rainfall is from 250 to 350 mm. And average temperature ranges from 25 to 28 degrees centigrade.


The economy of PNG is underdeveloped. The majority of the population is living in poverty. But its GDP is growing as per the data of 2022.


People belonging to different religions are living here. Most of the population, approximately one-third of the total population practices Christianity. They belong to different Christian groups. Some 9 or 10 percent of the population believes in the Baha’i Faith. People believing and practicing traditional old beliefs are still present there. 


As it is isolated from the Mainland, its culture is quite intact. It is rich in culture. It is not influenced and tainted by other cultures. The people of PNG take pride in practicing their old cultural norms and traditions. The tribal system is very much flourishing here, about 750 different tribes are living here which makes this country very diverse in culture. It has some special cultural festivals like the Goroka Show, which is held in September. Tribes from all the highlands gather and showcase their headdresses and other cultural dresses. 

Tourists attraction sites in PNG:

This island country is the least explored. But it has a lot to offer to tourists. Here are some tourist attraction sites.

  • Varirata National Park
  • Rainforest Habitat
  • Parliament Haus
  • Tari Basin
  • JK McCarthy Museum
  • Muschu Island
  • National Museum and Art Gallery
  • Port Moresby Nature Park
  • Lae war Cemetery
  • Volcanology Observatory
  • Goroka show in Town of Goroka (16 september)


This country is not widely explored but it has lots to offer. It has its own very unique cultural values and sports. It has amazingly delicious tribal foods. Their cultural dresses and products are another treat to the eyes. Travelers and Tourists should also visit this country, as it will also help improve its GDP. If you are planning on visiting some island then you should definitely consider PNG as also an eligible option.

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