Stranger Things True Story Demogorgon

Stranger Things True Story Demogorgon: the Demogorgon is an imaginary creature from the Netflix original series “Stranger Things”. It is a monstrous and predatory humanoid. The monster entered Hawkins, Indiana in November 1983. The creature initiated from the parallel dimension known as the Upside Down. Eleven, a child with psychokinetic abilities test subject from Hawkins National Laboratory. The test made a transdimensional connection with the creature. It made a gate between dimensions open at the lab. The creature then fixed its foot on Hawkins. It began hunting, destroying, and kidnapping various local townspeople.

History of Demogorgon:

 A subject with psychic powers marked Eleven was placed into a sensory deprivation tank as one of Hawkins National Laboratory’s experiments. This allowed Eleven to delve into a deeper psychic state. Although she eavesdropped on a Russian spy as instructed. Though she came across the Monster. Eleven’s instincts instructed her to stay away from it. She was scared and the experiment was aborted.

Dr. Martin Brenner was fascinated by the creature. Benner repeated the experiment on November 6, 1983. This time, Brenner instructed Eleven to make contact. As Eleven psychically came to the Monster, she could see it feeding off a supernatural egg. She made contact with the monster with great hesitancy. At that time, a gate to the Monster’s dimension broke open in the wall of the tank room. It allowed the creature to pass through. Eleven contrived to exit the tank and escape the lab amidst the following chaos. The Monster caught the scientist as he attempted to operate an elevator. 

The appearance of Demogorgon:

The Demogorgon was a tall and thin humanoid critter. It had elongated limbs. It had a flower-like head, long claws, and a petal-like mouth with rows of teeth. The Demogorgon’s arms and digitigrade legs end in hooves. Its skin was slimy.

Nature of Demogorgon:

Most knowledge on the Demogorgon is hypothetical even Dr. Brenner admitted that he and his coequals had a finite understanding of the creature. Brenner said the behavior of the beast is “predictable” comparing it to a typical predator. Nancy resembled the creature of nocturnal predators such as lions and coyotes. She noted that the sole nature of the creature was similar to that of a bear.

Nancy also theorized that the Demogorgon was enticed to blood. So he compared it to a shark. The creature’s ability to detect blood was incredibly concentrated. Yet, the creature was not just drawn by blood. For instance, both Joyce and Will Byers were attacked by the beast in the absence of blood. 

It is unknown whether the creature was lured by other stimuli like sound. When Nancy entered the Upside Down, the Demogorgon was unaware of her presence. The monster knew about her presence as she stepped on a vine, making a loud noise. Sometimes, the Demogorgon doesn’t eat its prey. It would grab them in an attempt to breed more Demogorgons as it did to Will.

Abilities of Demogorgon:

  1. Interdimensional Travel: The Demogorgon was capable of moving between dimensions and creating portals that it uses to travel between worlds. It made temporary tears and entered Hawking in space-time. It could pull individuals, such as Will Byers and Barbara Holland by using temporary gates and into the Upside Down.
  2.  Superhuman Strength: The Demogorgon was a creature with excellent physical strength. It could smash through solid walls. It can easily overthrow and carry a fully grown man.
  3. Superhuman Durability: It had durable skin and a tough body. The Demogorgon could resist massive amounts of bullets from multiple firearms. It could also withstand several beatings from a baseball bat with nails. However, it was unable to fight Eleven’s power of biokinesis with which she killed the Demogorgon.
  4. Telekinesis: The Demogorgon had some form of telekinetic power. It extended the hatch on the Byers’ front door while following Will. It is also possible that it used this power to pull in the deer. It may contribute to its physical strength despite an observable lack of muscle. However, this has not been made quite clear.
  5. Blood Detection: The Demogorgon was strongly lured to blood. It could feel even small amounts from different dimensions.
  6. Regenerative Healing Factor: After being trapped and set on fire, the Demogorgon seemed to have a regenerative healing factor. Most of its injuries healed after a short period.



  • A scientist from Hawkins National Laboratory
  • Shepard
  • Barbara Holland
  • Hunters Dale and Henry
  • A wounded deer
  • An unidentified number of military police officers and government agents
  • Several unnamed residents of Hawkins


  • Will Byers
  • Dr. Martin Brenner

The true story of Demogorgon:

The primary monster creature in “The Stranger Things” was the Demogorgon. The viewers were introduced to eldritch horrors like the Mind Flayer or bogeymen like Vecna. It was inspired by an iconic horror movie “Steven Spielberg’s 1975 classic Jaws”. Duffer Brothers explained it as “When the monster enters our dimension, it’s like a shark breaching the water”. It drags its prey back into its home like a shark. Then it feeds on the prey.” The Demogorgon killed many people in Hawkins. Then Eleven and the Party managed to trap it and kill it. However, the monster may be still alive.

The first season Of “Stranger Things is “The Upside Down”. In the finale of this season, Brenner and his soldiers from the Hawkins Lab finally chased down the Party. Which is hiding out at Hawkins Middle School. Eleven defended her companions from the attack. When she exhausted herself, the group was captured by the monster. Yet, the scent of the blood of all the people killed by Eleven attracts the Demogorgon. Who enters the school and massacres by smelling the blood. While Eleven, Mike, Dustin, and Lucas hide away in their science classroom. Eventually, Eleven uses her strength to disappear from the monster by apparently killing it. Instead, Eleven suddenly disappears.

Season 2 revealed what happened to Eleven thereafter. In the episode, “Trick, Treat or Freak,” we see that she wound up in “the Upside Down”. She dodged the Lab soldiers before returning to the real world. Then she went into hiding. In addition to extending Eleven’s powers to include the ability to open interdimensional portals. The scene implicitly helps to question Demogorgon’s fate. If Eleven could disappear without a trace into the Upside Down, then it’s possible that she brought the Demogorgon with her.

Even seeing the monster get spoiled into ash might not be sufficient to confirm its death. In the Season 4 episode, “The Massacre at Hawkins Lab”, we see Eleven’s history with Henry Creel. She was the first of the psychic children Dr. Brenner experimented on. After Eleven removed a device implanted in Henry to drain his powers. He got his retaliation against Brenner by murdering all the other kids in his care. Henry offered Eleven a place at his side as he demolished the world.   She refused to do this. The fight started between Eleven and Henry. Their battle ended when Eleven, drawing on memories of her mother for strength, evidently killed Henry.

Henry fell into the Upside Down where he remained for years. He used his powers to develop the dimension into the Hawkins of his youth. Over time, the eldritch energies and toxic atmosphere of the Upside Down changed Henry.  It turned him into Vecna and set the stage for the events of the whole series. Henry’s “death” at Hawkins Lab was similar to that of the Demogorgon. If he could survive the attack then so could it.

What the Demogorgon’s return to the fold could mean for Stranger Things is unfamiliar. As we learned from the Mind Flayer that all creatures of the Upside Down are linked by a hive mind. If the Demogorgon arrived back, it would likely just be another faceless soldier in Vecna’s army. However, as we learned from Dustin’s misadventure with D’artagnan in Season Two, the monsters are talented in making their own choices outside the collective. Given this, the Demogorgon would likely want some payback on the people who attacked it. Eleven and the Party would have another monster to meet in the show’s final season.


The Demogorgon is an imaginary creature from the Netflix original series “Stranger Things”. The monster entered Hawkins, Indiana in November 1983. The Demogorgon was a tall and thin humanoid critter. The monster killed many people a scientist from Hawkins National Laboratory Shepard, Barbara Holland, Hunters Dale and Henry, a wounded deer, An unidentified number of military police officers and government agents, and several unnamed residents of Hawkins. The monster was killed by Eleven and her companions. It is said that Eleven and the Party would have another monster to meet in the show’s final season.

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