Standing Tall on the Wings of My Dreams

Standing Tall on the Wings of my dreams is a line from the song “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Me Now”. This is the theme song of the famous old TV series Perfect Strangers. 

Lyrics of the Song:

Sometimes the world looks perfect,

Nothing to rearrange.

Sometimes you just get a feeling

Like you need some kind of change.

No matter what the odds are at this time,

Nothing’s going to stand in my way.

This flame in my heart,

Like a long-lost friend

Gives every dark street, a light at the end

Standing tall, On the wings of my dreams.

Rise and fall, On the wings of my dreams.

The rain and Thunder

The wind and Haze

I`m bound for better days,

It’s my life and my dream,

Nothing’s going to stop me now

It’s my life and my dream 

Nothing’s going to stop me now

Nothing’s going to stop me now

Perfect Strangers:

Perfect Stranger is a Sitcom that was aired in 1986. It was a very famous series and had eight seasons. The first episode of the show was aired on March 25, 1986, and the Last episode was aired on August 6, 1993. 

Music Composer:

The composers of this music are Jesse Fredrick and Bennett Salvay

The theme of the song:

There are two themes in the song.

  • The opening theme is performed by David Pomeranz.
  •  The ending theme is performed by Jesse and Bennett. 

This song can connect with so many people. It is so beautifully written. Every line exudes the aura of Hope, Strength, Motivation, and Determination. The emotion of the artist is rightly conveyed through his lyrics. At the beginning of the song, he says that everything seems perfect sometimes but in that moment of realization, you feel something is wrong and you want to change that. When you get that feeling, that you are not living the way you should, you’re not where you should be, then do anything and everything to do what feels right, and to be where it feels right. If you truly want something, nobody and nothing can stop you.


This is a motivational song. it can hype your determination so if you are feeling low, then you should listen to this song. It will give you some positive energy. People who like motivational and meaningful music will surely like this song.

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