Rick and Morty A Way Back Home

  • Version v3.6
  • Size 1.9 GB
  • Downloads 100K+
  • Released on 20-Feb-2019
  • Updated on 16-Jan-2023
  • Offered by Ferdafs

About Rick and Morty a Way Back Home

Do you want to download the newest version of Rick and Morty a Way Back Home game on all your devices?

Rick and Morty a way back home is a role-playing game designed by a game developer called Fredfos, which is free to download and play.
Most of the Rick and Morty fans in the US and other countries already love this game.

The whole story of the game is based on Morty’s adventures in the new aspect where he attempts to boost his confidence by doing many new things instead of his old Morty.

In this game, the user can select from several options, depending on the selected option, the next sentence will be displayed to the player, and the user can select an option to do what he wants.

This game is based on the official Rick and Morty show with a stunning new story and that’s why millions of users around the world have downloaded this game.
The newest version of this game is currently version 3.6 and has more than 8 hours of gameplay content. The newest version also includes many great characters from the official show, with Rick and Morty being the two most popular characters.

The designer also added his character to make the game a little more distinctive and awesome. Once players get to know the new characters, I’m sure they’ll love them.

The story of Rick and Morty a way back home

At first, players see Rick and Morty in another aspect, riding a bike and acquiring a crystal ball, but in a twist, they are not alone and a giant bee flies over them and tries to assault and Stop them and grab the crystal ball.

Rick and Morty somehow got off their bikes, opened a portal that connected them to the real world, and made their way safely into the real world.
Rick gets very angry with Morty and tells him why he can’t shoot the giant bees, Morty said he was not so assured and that’s why he was not able to shoot the giant bees.

The next day Rick came over to Morty’s house and asked him to go out with him, I told him I had to go to another dimension so I could be… strong.

After leaving, Rick opens a portal, a connection to another dimension, and sends Morty into it.
At first, they look identical to their original dimension, but the figures in this dimension are all grown-up, including Morty.
In the new dimension, Morty had to face many tasks and because of this, he gained more conviction than in his reality dimension.
To find out what tasks Morty faces as his confidence grows, download Rick and Morty’s way home for free from our site and please explore Morty’s voyage.

Attributes of Rick and Morty a Way Back Home

The official characters of the Rick and Morty show
The designers have added many main characters from the official show and players can interconnect with them, complete missions, and many other tasks.
In the next updates, the designers are looking to add new characters, some of which are related to the show, and the show will be made by the designers.

The game is supported by various devices

The game is now supported on numerous devices such as Android, Windows, Mac and Linux, allowing users to play on any type of device that would be suitable for them.
The game folders are different for each device, so examine your download options to download the game on your device.
Downloading the wrong game file to your device may prevent it from running and cause unknown flaws, so it is recommended that you download the correct game file for your device.

Easy to add up MOD and unlock

There are numerous game fans who create mods for these games, with all these MOD players can unlock new items, missions and much more.

This feature will make the game more interesting if you have already finished all Rick and Morty A Way Back Home missions.

We can also add up new characters using all these mods, but some of these mods may cause your game data to be saved, so be assure to back up your game file before using any mods.


What is Rick and Mort a Way Back Home Game?
This is a role-playing virtual novel game also called Rick and Morty a Way Back Home. The game is available for free download for numerous devices including Android, Windows and Mac. Users can download game files for free from our site.
How to Download Rick and Mort a Way Back Home Game?
The process of downloading games from our site is very easy. Users can follow the steps below.
Follow the steps to download the game files.
*First, click on the download button according to the type of your device.
*Then wait for the download link to be generated.
*After creating the link, click on it.
*The download of game files starts.
*Wait for some minutes for the file to download completely.
How to Run Rick and Morty a Way Back Home Game?
After downloading the Run Rick and Mort a Way Back Home game files from our site, users can simply remove the files and run the game by double-clicking on the application file. The following steps are mentioned below.
Follow the steps mentioned to play the game on Android
*To run the game on your Android device, open your file manager.
*Select the downloaded game files folder.
*Click on the apk file of the game and Install.
*Let the game install on your device.
*After installation the game is ready to use, have fun.
To run the game on Windows, follow the steps mentioned below.
*First, open any file management program on your Windows device.
*Unzip the downloaded game folder.
*Open the unzipped file and double-click the RickAndMorty.exe file.
*After starting the game, tap on New Game and enjoy.
Is Rick and Morty a Way Back Home is an Offline Game?
This is an offline game for all types of devices. Users can download game files and run the game later without an internet connection. The designer says that this game will be played offline forever.
We hope this post will help you download Rick and Morty home game files. There are numerous similar games based on TV shows such as Kame Paradise and Ben 10: A Day with Gwen.

If you like this game and want to download the next updates, follow us on our Facebook page. You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel to get the latest updates and tutorials.

How to download Rick and Morty on Android?

If you want to download Rick and Morty on your Android device, you must have to check out on iTubeGo for Android. The most suitable way is to download the apk version of the app from the official website.

How to play Rick and Morty a way back home?

Once everybody has played the cards they are all revealed. And are resolved by the start of the first player and continue clockwise.

What is the latest version of Rick and Morty a way back home?

If you have been playing this game for a long period, you know the creator of this game updates this game from time to time, which means you also have to update the game.

To avoid losing the latest features and upcoming stories you need to update the game to the latest version of Rick and Morty a way back home v3.4.

Which are the games like Rick and Morty a way back home?

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