Pretty Little Liars Cast That Died In Real Life

Pretty little liars cast that died in real life yeah it’s the truth but before that, we will know who they were and why it’s famous. Actually, pretty little liars was a drama television series that was based on the novel series that was written under the same name by a great writer Sara Shepherd.

This drama was developed by I. Marlene King and composed by Micheal Suby. The series was broadcast on Freeform in the middle of June 8, 2010, and on June 27, 2017. This drama comprises 160 episodes in seven seasons.

The origin country of this drama was the United States. This drama was following its country language English. Its story follows five best friends whose secret stories were consistently terrified by the anonymous “A” who started harassing them after the disappearance of their own clique leader.

Is That True That Pretty Little Liars Were Friends In Real Life:

Yes, it’s true that pretty little liars were forever friends in real life. Year by year, the former freedom stars were facing some major cast reunions.

  • Pretty little liars were following a group of girls who were tormented by a stalker called “A”.
  • On their very long journey to solve the mystery story of A. Those girls came across too many breathless bodies.

Here Is A List Of Some Pretty Little Liars Who Died.

  1. Maya St.Germain
  2. Toby Cavanaugh
  3. Jessica Dilaurents
  4. Garrett Reynolds
  5. Mona Vanderwaal

Maya St.Germain

It will not be wrong if we say that there were many characters in pretty little liars that deserve better and we can also say that Maya.St.germain is one of them. Maya and her family have decided that they should move on into Alison’s old house in the show’s pilot. After the course of the 1st season, Maya came into a relationship with Emily.

She supports the characters and comes out to her parents. On the other hand, Emily’s mother Pam was totally not supportive of Emily’s sexuality. She sent Maya to a religious camp that was called true north.

After that at the end of the second season in a similar way to the pilot, it was confirmed and revealed that Maya St.Germain had been killed and police had found her dead body. Her ex-boyfriend killed her and proved her murderer.

Toby Cavanaugh:

His fake death news can be one of the most emotional deaths in the entire show. This was entirely due to Troian Bellisario’s acting. Toby and Jenna were step-brothers.

His fake death news broke the hearts of the audience and they were feeling the loss of one of the best characters. After this in the next few episodes, all episodes were harder to watch as Spencer falls into a deep depression due to the death. Toby was shocked when he revealed his face again that he was alive in the season four finale.

Jessica Dilaurents:

The death of young actors that were killed during the show. Their parents left out the murder spree. Jessica was 1st in the series pilot for Alison’s funeral but she did not become a main and important character. After her return in the 2nd season, she came back into the Dilaurentis house.

After there her shameful scandal got viral as she had a young son Jason in her biological relationship with Spencer’s father. And had a secret daughter named Charlotte. In the seven seasons of Liars, we saw a scene where Jessica died and was buried in a garden. Everyone thought they did not see and expected that Jessica could have enemies. Her secret identical twin sister Mary Drake killed her because she thought that Jessica was attempting to kill her.

Garrett Reynolds:

Garrett Reynolds’s death in the 3rd season looked inevitable. He was also another not-good police officer assigned in the death case of Alison. He started dating Jenna instead and assured her that he is blackmailing the girls. This leads to him being used as the fall guy for each murder of Maya St.Germain and Alison at the end of the 2nd season.

Garret Reynolds started something that he was spilling his secrets in the 3rd season. This makes him a big target for many people in the town. When he was released, Garrett was killed by Wilden in the 13th episode and blackmailed Melissa when attending a spooky masquerade party on a train.

Mona Vanderwaal:

Mona Vanderwaal also faked her death, Farmer and master mind literal criminal, it was too much surprise when it looked like the character had been totally killed off.

Mona Vanderwaal was a nerd who disappeared before being bullied by Alison. When Alison left Mona Vander Waal Hanna took over as the queen of bees of Rosewood. Mona was switched between Ally and Enemy when the alleged news of her death in the 5th season.

At this point, it looked like Mona had proof of who the new A was and was near to telling about the all-girls. The stalker had made other plans and the liars instead turned up in a house that was filled with Mona’s blood and we couldn’t see Mona again.


Pretty little liars died in real life. It’s a fact that everyone will die. But actually, pretty little liars that died have a mystery story behind their deaths. They were famous in real life so their death stories are also very famous. There were some more pretty little liars that died in real life and they also have a story behind their deaths.

Like Bethany Young, Marion Cavanaugh, Alison Dilaurentis, Darren Wilden, Lyndon James, Archer Dunhill, Shana Fring, etc. Their death was also surprising. They all did great work and were the main characters in Pretty Little Liars. They gave the best lessons in their drama and their deaths were also lesson-able.

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