Panda Eyes And The Black Eye Club

If you are a common man, living a simple life, then what chances are there for you to see people with Black Eyesโ€ฆ? Probably very few.

What is a Black Eye or Panda Eye?

The black eye is simply an expression that is used to describe the bruise which is caused by bleeding in the thin blood vessels in the skin which surrounds the eye. The black eye is substantially a result of a punch or fistfight. It is also called as Panda Eyes because Pandas have Dark circles around their eyes.

What causes Black Eye?

There are numerous possible causes of the Black Eye. It may be a result of a roadside fight between two people, or it can be caused by assault. It can usually happen to people who join some sort of Fight Club or Boxing, people who train for MMA, who do wrestling, or folks who have joined some Karate Club. It can be a result of domestic violence too. So be alarmed when you see a person with a black eye who does not belong to any fighting club or so. 

What is Strange about Black Eyes?

Black Eyes sure looks strange on a person who does not belong to any fight club, has tight security around him, has people who protect him and cover for him, and lives a luxurious life. It sure does. But let me tell you a strange thing, many rich and famous people were seen supporting Black Eye in the last few years. Why?

Celebrities and famous people with Black Eyes:

Many celebrities and famous people were seen supporting the Black Eye and it is seriously bizarre to have seen that. Even Barack Obama, The Pope, and Putin were seen with Black Eyes. Below is a detailed list of famous people who were spotted with Black Eyes in around last two years:

  • George W. Bush
  • John Kerry
  • Barack Obama
  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Vladimir Putin
  • Boy George
  • John McCain
  • Richard Branson
  • Ben Affleck
  • Madonna
  • Ryan Gosling
  • Brad Pitt
  • Adam Sandler
  • Perez Hilton
  • Kanye West

And the list goes on. It is indeed very strange to see so many famous people on this list. But why is it the way it is? Here`s a rumored theory to answer that.

Theory about Black Eye:

Many people said that these Black eyes were for a reason. 

The theory states, โ€œThe people with Black eyes are all part of the Illuminati and having a black eye is some sort of their ritual. To be a part of their club, the celebrities have to have Black Eye and show it somehow to the public.โ€

Some people named this club the Black Eye Club.

Black Eye Club:

Black Eye Club is a rumored Club that is joined by famous and rich people who had Black Eyes. People said it was a part of some sort of Illuminati ritual to support a Black Eye and then you will be qualified to join the Black Eye Club. But can we believe such rumors? We should be more reasonable and logical than this.

The reality behind Black Eye:

Here is a possible reason for such rich and famous people to have a Black Eye. Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Eye surgeries can be the reason behind these Black Eyes. After plastic surgery, a Black eye is a very common symptom. And we are well aware of the obsessions that these Celebrities have with Plastic and Cosmetic surgery. They always want to change some facial feature or their overall appearance. People with money don’t know how to spend money so they do bizarre things.ย 


There are always two sides to a story. We should not believe in rumors instead we should go for logic and truth behind these rumors. So next time when you see a Black Eye on a Celebrity do not assume that he/she belongs to a Club or Illuminati.

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