Otrium 120m Series

Otrium 120m Series came into existence after Bond and Index Ventor’s funding into Otrium and it reached up to $120 Million. This was the peak time since its beginning in 2015.

Amsterdambased Otrium 120m:

Amsterdambased Otrium 120m Series is an Amsterdam-based startup founded in 2015 by Max Klijnstra and Milan Daniels. It primarily focuses on promoting different clothing brands and selling excess and unsold inventory, saving valuable effort and wasted money and time. Its headquarter is located in Amsterdam. Since its inception, it has operated in such a way that its growth has more than doubled or tripled since the time of Covid-19 itself. The firm also operates in other countries.

The unique story of Otrium:

Amsterdambased Otrium 120m Series online store is not only about clothes but about everything that completes fashion. All categories such as casual wear, innerwear, accessories, and shoes are detailed in the product catalog.

Apart from desktop and laptop users, mobile phones can also access trading on it. You can easily purchase from iOS and Android devices.

Its main goal is not to waste a costume. The founders of Otrium, Max Klinjstra, and Milan Daniels, have personally experienced losses on unsold inventory in the past (before Otrium was launched) and therefore protected themselves from this huge risk and the loss of future entrepreneurs. To help, they partnered with fashion. They always make sure that every garment they make sells well so that no one’s hard work is wasted.

In addition, fashion houses are also fully empowered to adjust the pricing, advertising, and visibility of their massive merchandise when selling and buying off-season collections in bulk through Otrium 120m Series.

Otrium 120 Series does not force the sale of unsold items without reasonable cause. Their goal is not to sell only by selling scrap items in bulk. If someone does not like a particular product and it is not noticed for a long time, Otrium strictly adheres to this criterion and permanently removes such items from its catalog. For this reason, they follow two action plans:

  • On a priority basis, Otrium 120m Series will endeavor to provide sufficient storage space for housing and unsold items of such fashion houses in order to maximize Fashion Houses’ revenue.
  • In the second step, they help different brands after passing the analysis report. Based on this, Otrium 120m Series predicts which items will be popular in the future, at what prices, and in what quantities.

Expected projects in C Funding:

Otrium 120m Series, a start-up company, achieved success in a very short time after registration. A prominent source is an expansion into the US market. Opening the door to the US market accelerated Otrium’s growth to its highest level through series C funding. This single funding source enhanced Otrium’s endless capabilities and sold a vast collection of unsold fashion items. It also helped Otrium attract new talent.

Juliet De Baubingy, a general partner at BOND, has joined Otrium’s 120 Series board for a period as part of the deal. Amazingly, Otrium has raised $ 120 million in this new round of funding led by BOND and Index Venture.

Analyzing many positive and winning results in the market through partnerships and expansion in many developed countries, Otrium 120m Series will be able to increase its sales by 25% over the next few years. It came to this as the company has seen a huge boom in its business since the outbreak of Covid-19.

Meet the Brands Collaborated with Otrium:

Otrium 120m Series has successfully worked with over 300 brands since its inception. However, it recently welcomed a new royal brand as a partner. Check out our newly added brands below:

  • All Saints
  • Theory
  • Closed
  • Joseph
  • Alchemist

Apart from partnering with top brands, Otrium 120m Series also has trusted affiliates such as:

  1. Adidas
  2. Karl Lagerfeld
  3. Belstaff
  4. Alex Chung

How do brands profit?

Brands that connect directly or indirectly with Otrium 120m Series are certainly on the safer side. Otrium never disrespects its related business partners.

The unique technology used by Otrium 120m Series helps many fashion houses to find potential customers for a variety of clothes, reducing the risk of wasted clothes and thus wasted money and effort.  They are happy when using Otrium as it also provides brand safety.

Additionally, Otrium 120m Series has a well-managed marketplace where brands big and small can easily set up shop.

Why do users love Otrium 120m Series

Through analysis, it has been observed that more than 2.5 million users have registered for Otrium 120m Series services.

  • Several custom designs, amazing exceptional sale pricing, and a royal catalog make Otrium 120m Series a priority.
  •  In addition, Otrium’s 120m Series logistics centers in the Netherlands (Amsterdam), the United States, and the United Kingdom help the market to serve more than 20 markets in Europe and the United States, meeting the needs of many customers in different parts of the world.

Otrium’s huge income:

If you want to get an overview of a company’s profitability, it helps to look at the company’s profit reports for the current and past months and years. It can show viewers how strong a company is in terms of assets and liabilities. It can be earned.

The most common way to spend is on advertising. The more ads a company has, the more revenue it earns.

Considering this factor, it can be concluded that Otrium 120m Series must be making a lot of money as it is heavily promoted on influential online platforms.

Furthermore, Otrium 120m Series itself revealed that it immediately tripled its revenue in 2020 as it saw 3 million registered users during the quarantine period. And now, when you apply to more than 200 fashion houses, you have to find more clients than ever before.

Future plans: 

  1. Otrium 120m Series aims to improve inner well-being and peace, practice mindfulness awareness, maintain a high level of security, and restructure itself for global expansion.
  2. The company is working hard to expand its technical capabilities to achieve its goal of having fewer unsold fashion collections in the future.
  3. According to an Otrium 120m Series ustaylortech.eu source, the Series C funding will help Otrium expand its team through new hires, technology platform evolution, and proliferation.

What is the mantra for success?

Otrium 120m Series could soon make headlines with a highly innovative experimental model to maintain a strong market position. They thank their investors for appreciating the idea behind the launch and providing new ways to implement our planned strategy at the right time.

In fact, most shoppers always wait for end-of-season sales to get branded clothing at discounted prices, considering and selling various products in the channels created by Otrium.

So Amsterdambased Otrium 120m Series has certainly come up with an exclusive plan full of amazing surprises for existing and emerging businesses.


It is said that any business can succeed if it consists of the right people with specialized knowledge and longevity in the business. 

Other factors that make a business unique and successful are discovery, good customer support, and good offers. These are the key factors that should be considered for any business to help launch a niche market in an effective and efficient manner.

A perfect example of the above points, Amsterdambased Otrium 120m Series is a perfect combination of everything. Born with a clear purpose. This means changing the way people look at fashion. Otrium’s clear goals will help you go a long way in your corporate journey.


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