Name Something You Can Climb On

There is an increasingly popular game these days for intelligent people and for people who like word games. Name something you can climb: text or die is such a trivia game.

We will tell you how to play this game and how to score more. 

About the Game: This game is available on both kinds of devices. i.e Android and iOS. This game was developed by a renowned game company, Rollic Games. Text or Die is an interesting game in which you have to type the answers and if you can type the right answer, you will be able to save yourself from rising water.

How to play?

Now the question is, how to play this game? We can help you with that matter. When the game will start, a question will pop up on your screen. Read the question carefully and don’t type the answer right away. You have to come up with the longest possible answer to this question. If there are more number of letters and words in your answer, it will help you from the rising water levels by building up your tower. 

Name something you can climb

Here is how we made an elaborative list of things you can climb on to help you solve Name something you can climb: text or die. You can climb on the following things:

  • Tree 
  • Cliff
  • Hill
  • Roof 
  • Rock 
  • Walls 
  • Tower 
  • Fence 
  • Stairs 
  • Bridge 
  • Building 
  • Boulder 
  • Pyramid 
  • Mountains 
  • Via Ferrata 
  • Artificial Wall 
  • Climbing Rope 
  • Rappelling Towers 
  • High ball Boulders 
  • Rock-Climbing wall 

Priority list: 

In this list, you can climb on everything. But when you are playing the game, you should type the name of things with more characters. Long names are always preferred over short names in this game. I.e. 

  1. Mountains 
  2. Via Ferrata 
  3. Artificial Wall 
  4. Climbing Rope 
  5. Rappelling Towers 
  6. High ball Boulders 
  7. Rock-Climbing wall 

A Tip for you:

Here is a tip for you that can help you make your words long. To make the words longer, always think of the words which can be written in plural form. You should type the words that consist of two or more than two words. For example: 

  • Top of a hill 
  • Top of a roof 
  • Top of a car 
  • Top of a building 
  • Top of some mountain. ( write the name of the mountain) 
  • Top of a bus 
  • Top of a person 
  • Top of a bed 
  • Kitchen Countertop 
  • Top of some iceberg 


These games help us improve our vocabulary and stimulate our minds. These can also enhance our thinking ability. In our screen time, we should play such games. With our tips, you will be able to play this game in a much better way.

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