Mistakes Are Proof That You Are Trying Examples

Mistakes Are Proof That You Are Trying Examples: We’ve all been there… We’ve all made mistakes big and small. From the “pink elephant in the room” to the seamless yet vibrant elephant. We can all show a scar or two as a result of these valuable life lessons. Some people can stay strong and positive regardless of what happened yesterday. Some people, myself included, can be very mindful of the consequences of certain actions. Taking another step is like walking or swinging a tightrope down a chasm of uncertainty.

Stop Blaming Yourself

There have been times in my life when I’ve done hasn’t exactly aligned with my highest aspirations. Or something so terrible hits me in the face that I am shocked and speechless. After all, I am my own harshest and most unforgiving judge.

I was burning myself with shame. From an ominous event to a series of events that go back to the past. Thinking back to my own childhood memories, I could still have a bad idea: throw myself off a cliff into a dark place with no stairs and tease myself about how long I would stay there. I am obsessed with making fun of my flaws and have made it my life’s pastime.

I didn’t realize at the time that beating myself up and being negative wasn’t going to solve my current problems. This creates self-doubt  

that makes it difficult for you to be confident.

Growing up Wisely

Someone once said that reason cures pain. It took me a while to understand the true meaning of that word. And then one day it opened to me. When wisdom comes, you let go and forgive what was not in your best interest. It heals you, gives you understanding, and frees you from the desire to dwell permanently in the past that tried to change immutably.

I have been a frequent guest in the past. I sat down and analyzed what went wrong, what I did, why it was so stupid, and why I didn’t quite get it. Of course, from today I saw that it is better than before. It took me a certain amount of time and patience to really stop the endless avalanche of regret that had taken over my mind.

Growing up wisely means that your wounds are healed and leave us with nothing but lessons to think about and move on.

Change is Everything

It’s about changing the direction of your thoughts. It’s about getting new perspectives. By judging things as true or false, by seeing something in between (the gray area ), we force ourselves to cage our minds into a very rigid set of limiting beliefs.

But when we keep our minds open and flexible, we realize that everything life brings to our doorstep is just an event, an opportunity to grow and expand into a unique and irreplaceable life experience.

If you are stuck in fear of making new mistakes, you cannot enrich your life experience. 

Yes, our lives don’t always go according to plan. We have to overcome the firewall of failure and new mistakes and just live with what we have and where we are and be happy.

If we are not willing to take risks and change, where we are now will not get us where we want to be.

Mistakes are Proof that you are trying

This simple and liberating idea can change the way you look at life today. Don’t be afraid to get out there and explore. Don’t be afraid to get what you really want. Yes, mistakes can’t be bottled up, but that doesn’t mean we should stop trying.

Trying means striving for a better self, a better future, and something better that you know you deserve. Trying means you have the ability to go out and make it happen.

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