Huawei HarmonyOs arrives with iPad inspired Tablet

Huawei HarmonyOs arrives with iPad inspired Tablet Huawei has launched its new operating system, HarmonyOS, to power its devices. The company has also released a new tablet, the MatePad Pro, which looks very similar to Apple’s iPad Pro.

HarmonyOS: Huawei’s new operating system:

  • Huawei’s new operating system, HarmonyOS, is designed to be versatile and can run on various devices, including smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and televisions. The company developed HarmonyOS in response to recent US trade sanctions, which have made it difficult for Huawei to source components for its devices.
  • HarmonyOS is designed to be a distributed operating system. It can run across multiple devices and provide a seamless user experience. The operating system uses a microkernel architecture that is more efficient and secure than traditional kernels. It also has a high degree of scalability, which makes it suitable for use on devices of all sizes.
  • One of the critical features of HarmonyOS is its ability to adapt to different devices and provide a consistent user experience. For example, users can start watching a movie on their smartphones and continue watching it on their televisions without interruption.
  • HarmonyOS also has advanced security features, including a trusted execution environment that protects sensitive data and processes. The operating system is also designed to be more energy efficient than traditional ones, which can help extend the device’s battery life.
  • HarmonyOS is essential for Huawei as it allows the company to become more self-reliant and less dependent on external factors. With HarmonyOS, Huawei can continue to innovate and bring new and exciting devices to the market.

The MatePad Pro: A sleek and stylish device

The MatePad Pro is Huawei’s latest tablet on the HarmonyOS operating system. It is a feature-packed tablet that offers a wide range of capabilities for both personal and professional use. Here are some of the critical features of the device:

  1. Large Display
  2. Powerful Hardware
  3. Multi-Screen Collaboration
  4. Smart Magnetic Keyboard
  5. M-Pencil Stylus
  6. Long Battery Life

1. Large Display:

The MatePad Pro has a 12.6-inch display with high resolution and vibrant colors. It also has slim bezels and a high screen-to-body ratio, which provides an immersive viewing experience.

2. Powerful Hardware:

The tablet has the Kirin 9000E processor, designed to handle demanding tasks and provide a smooth user experience. It also has 8GB of RAM and up to 256GB of storage, which makes it suitable for multitasking and storing large files.

3. Multi-Screen Collaboration:

The MatePad Pro has a multi-screen collaboration mode allowing users to connect their Huawei smartphone to the tablet, share files, make calls, and more. This feature is handy for people who need to work on multiple devices.

4. Smart Magnetic Keyboard:

The tablet has an intelligent magnetic keyboard that provides a comfortable typing experience. The keyboard is easy to attach and detach and has a touchpad for added functionality.

5. M-Pencil Stylus:

The MatePad Pro also has an M-Pencil stylus that allows users to draw, sketch, and take notes on the tablet. The stylus is sensitive and precise, and it also has a variety of customizable buttons.

6. Long Battery Life:

The tablet has a large 10,050mAh battery that provides up to 14 hours of video playback. It also supports fast charging, which allows users to charge the device quickly.

Overall, the MatePad Pro is a competent tablet that offers a range of features and capabilities for users who need a powerful and versatile device.

Competition with Apple’s iPad:

  • The MatePad Pro is Huawei’s answer to Apple’s iPad, and it’s clear that the company has put a lot of effort into making it a worthy competitor. The tablet offers a range of features designed to rival those of the iPad, and it’s clear that Huawei aims to appeal to users looking for a powerful, high-end device.
  • One of the most notable ways the MatePad Pro competes with the iPad is through its display. The tablet has a large, high-resolution screen that offers vibrant colors and a great viewing experience. The device’s slim bezels and high screen-to-body ratio make it a sleek and stylish option that looks great from every angle.
  • Another critical area where the MatePad Pro competes with the iPad is its hardware. The tablet has a powerful processor, ample RAM, and plenty of storage, making it suitable for demanding tasks like video editing, graphic design, and gaming. The device also has a long battery life and supports fast charging, which makes it an excellent option for users who are always on the go.
  • Finally, the MatePad Pro also competes with the iPad through its accessories. The device comes with an intelligent magnetic keyboard and an M-Pencil stylus, and both offerings added functionality and convenience. The keyboard is easy to attach and detach, and the stylus is sensitive and precise, making it an excellent option for artists and note-takers.
  • Overall, the MatePad Pro is an excellent iPad alternative for users looking for a powerful and versatile tablet. While it may not have the same level of brand recognition as the iPad, it’s clear that Huawei has put a lot of effort into making this device a worthy competitor in the tablet market.

The future of Huawei with HarmonyOS:

  • With the launch of HarmonyOS and the MatePad Pro, Huawei has taken a bold step toward the future. The company’s new operating system offers a range of features that could make it a serious competitor to other platforms like Android and iOS. The MatePad Pro is a sleek and powerful device that shows Huawei’s commitment to creating innovative products.
  • One of the most significant advantages of HarmonyOS is its compatibility. The operating system is designed to work across various devices, from smartphones to wearables to smart home devices. This could give Huawei a significant advantage in the coming years. The company could attract a large and loyal user base by creating a seamlessly connected device ecosystem.
  • However, there are also challenges ahead for Huawei. The company’s relationship with the US government has been strained in recent years, which could impact its ability to expand into new markets. The ongoing trade war between the US and China could also create further challenges for Huawei and other Chinese tech companies.
  • Despite these challenges, Huawei’s future with HarmonyOS is promising. The company has demonstrated that it has the resources and the vision to create innovative products that compete with the best in the world. With a strong focus on quality and user experience, Huawei could become a significant player in the global tech market.


Overall, Huawei’s HarmonyOS and the MatePad Pro offer users a new and exciting alternative to Apple’s iPad and iOS. The MatePad Pro is a sleek and powerful device that will give Apple’s iPad a run for its money. With Huawei’s continued focus on innovation and technology, the future looks bright for the company.

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