How to get Front Flash on TikTok

To acquire front flash on TikTok, you need to put on “Classic Invert”. After turning on Invert Classic, use the front camera of your phone to record a video of yourself on TikTok. The “Classic Invert” feature inverts the colors of the display. It also works as a front flash for TikTok as it lights up anything that is in front of the camera. When recording is done, “Classic Invert” should be turned off. This recognizes you to see what your video will look like. As long as Classic Invert is on, you can use the front camera to record even in moderate light.
Here’s how to acquire front flash on TikTok (for iPhone or Android).

How to get front flash on TikTok with an Android phone

The following are the steps:
⦁ Move to Settings.
⦁ Scroll down the menu and choose Accessibility.
⦁ Scroll down the Accessibility menu to find Color Inversion.
⦁ Shift the Color inversion toggle to the right to enable it.
⦁ Adjust your phone’s screen brightness to the maximum.
⦁ Open the TikTok site.
⦁ Click the + to start recording videos.
⦁ Make your video.
⦁ Move back to settings and follow the same steps to disable Color inversion.
⦁ Move back to TikTok and examine the video.
⦁ You’ll observe the video appears as if you shot it with a front flash.

How to get front flash on TikTok on an iPhone

The following are the steps:

  • Move to settings
  • Click on Accessibility
  • Click on “Display and text size”
  • Put on “Classic Invert”
  • Improve brightness and record the video
  • Turn off “Classic Invert” later you’ve finished recording
  • Post your video on TikTok

Move to settings
This guide is just for iPhone/iOS users, so if you are operating an Android device, this guide is not for you. First, you have to go to the settings. This is because later you have to enable the “Classic Inversion” function in the settings. Go to the Settings app and click it to open it.

Click on Accessibility
When you go into settings, you will see multiple options.
This comprises “Airplane Mode”, “Wi-Fi”, “Bluetooth”, etc.
Scroll down to spot the ‘Accessibility’ option.
Click on Accessibility to go to accessibility settings.

Click on “Display and text size”
Click on Accessibility and you will see four sections.
This involves ‘visual’, ‘physical and kinesthetic’, ‘auditory’, and ‘general’.
Below “Vision” you will see the “Display and Text Size” option.
Click Display & Text Size to open the Display & Text Size settings.

Put on “Classic Invert”
Clicking on “Display & Text Size” will take you to the “Display & Text Size” settings.
Now you can substitute the text size, decrease the transparency, increase the contrast, etc.
You will also spot the Classic Invert option.
Click to enable the “Classic Invert” option.
The “Classic Invert” option changes the colors of the display.
It works as a front flash by changing the colors of the display.

Improve brightness and record the video
After turning on “Classic Invert”, open TikTok and click the “+” icon to start recording the video.
Therefore, the brightness must be set to the highest level before recording can begin.
Then tap “Flip” to swap to the front camera and record yourself.
When “Classic Invert” is turned on, it works as a front flash.

Turn off “Classic Invert” later you’ve finished recording
After you finish recording the video, you require to turn off Classic Invert.
Turn off Classic Invert and see how your video seems.
Otherwise, the colors will be changed and you won’t be able to see the result.
Move back to Settings and click on Display & Text Size.
To disable it, click on Classic Invert again.


Unluckily, the iPhone does not have a front flash. So you can’t use the front camera to record yourself in a dark place. As per, the “Classic Invert” option is like a front flash. If you want to record yourself in low light, you can put on Classic Invert to see yourself. Objects in front of the camera are also easily seen. I tried this myself and it works perfectly. Be sure to put off Classic Invert when you’re done recording to see the final result. Alternatively, if you want to avoid the struggle of turning it on and off, you can record yourself in a well-lit room.


Does the TikTok front camera have a flash?
No, the front camera doesn’t have a flash. Just the back camera has a flash.


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