How Many Games Are Left In The MLB (Major League Ball) Season?

The MLB season is a long and grueling one, spanning over several months and consisting of a large number of games. Fans of the sport often wonder how many games are left in the season as it draws to a close. In this, we will explore how many games are typically left in the MLB season and the factors affecting the remaining matches.

  1. How many MLB (Major League Ball) games are left?
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How many MLB (Major League Ball) Games are Left?

As of March 18, 2023, the Major League Baseball (MLB) regular season is set to have 162 games in total. However, the number of games left in the season depends on the specific date, as the season typically runs from late March or early April through September or early October.

The MLB Season Schedule:

To understand how many games are left in the MLB season, it’s essential to understand the league’s schedule. The MLB regular season typically begins in late March or early April. It runs for a total of 26 weeks, with each team playing a total of 162 games.

The Game Plan of MLB (Major League Ball):

  • The season is divided into two halves: the first half, which runs from the beginning through mid-July, and the second half, which runs from mid-July through the end of the regular season.
  • During the season, teams typically play a three-game series against one another, with occasional two-game or four-game series. Most games are on weekdays, with rare weekend and national holiday games. Additionally, the league schedules several off days throughout the season for each team, allowing players to rest and recover.
  • Teams compete for a spot in the postseason playoffs as the season progresses. The playoffs typically begin in early October and consist of a Wild Card round, Division Series, Championship Series, and World Series, which determines the MLB champion for that season.

Calculating the Games Left in the MLB Season:

To calculate how many games are left in the MLB season at any given point, it’s necessary to check the current date and compare it to the end date of the regular season. From there, subtract the number of games each team has played to determine the remaining number of games.

  1. For example, if the current date is August 1 and the regular season is set to end on September 30, each team would have approximately 30 games left in the regular season. However, the number of games left for each group can vary depending on their schedule and any postponed or rescheduled games.
  2. Overall, the number of games left in the MLB season can fluctuate as the season progresses, making it essential for fans and players to stay up-to-date on the league schedule and standings.


In conclusion, various factors can influence the number of games left in the MLB season, including postponements due to weather or COVID-19 protocols. However, as of the end of the 2021 season, each team typically has around 60 games left to play in the regular season. This seasoning period can be crucial for groups fighting for playoff spots and seeding. It can also provide opportunities for players to push for individual accolades. Fans of the sport can look forward to the excitement and drama that this time of the season typically brings.


How many MLB games are in a season?

A typical Major League Baseball (MLB) season has 162 games per team. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 season was shortened to 60 games, while the 2021 season has returned to the usual 162-game schedule.

How many MLB games last season?

The number of games in the last MLB season depends on which season is being referred to. For the 2020 regular season, there were 60 games played due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For the 2021 regular season, there were 162 games played, which is the typical number of games in an entire MLB season.

How many teams qualify for MLB playoffs?

In Major League Baseball (MLB), ten teams qualify for the playoffs yearly.

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