Departamento De Vehã­culos Motorizados De California

Departamento De Vehã­culos Motorizados De California also known as DMV is a Government Agency that carries out Driver licenses and vehicle registrations. The name of DMV depends on its area and location. According to location, it can also be called the Bureau of motor vehicles, Driver and motor vehicles service, or Division of motor vehicles.

  • In unitary states like Europe, these agencies are managed by Central Government.
  • And in federal state countries, DMVs are supervised by Subnational Government. For example North America

Need of DMVs:

In the 20th century when cars were introduced to the public, a driver’s license was not essential to drive a car. The things you need to know was traffic rules and how to drive a car. It caused many accidents and tragedies because of the people who didn’t even know how to drive and started using vehicles on the roads.

To prevent these situations the government thought it was necessary to conduct a driving test before buying a car. But it didn’t work the way it was supposed to. The only solution was DMV agencies. So that these agencies can conduct proper tests and provide driving licenses only to eligible people. These agencies were established by the government to prevent this kind of tragedy in the future.

Functions of DMV Agencies:

DMVs perform all the functions that can guarantee the safety of the drivers and people.

  1. DMVs make sure that the eye vision of the candidates should be fine.
  2. Perform road tests to make sure the candidate is eligible and can handle the vehicle properly.
  3. Provide driving licenses and learner’s permits for vehicles like motorcycles, cars, and trucks.
  4. Allow verification of your SSN (social security number).
  5. Provide registration of your vehicles and it can also be the renewal.
  6. It can transfer your ownership or proof of ownership.
  7. You can get the new license plates and hand over the old ones.
  8. Provide title certificates and liens.
  9. You can also get a non-driver’s photo I’d card.
  10. Give your inspection stickers.
  11. Provide traffic laws for all vehicles.

Different Names of DMVs in Different States:

Names of the DMV agencies are different according to the country and state but their functions are all same.


  1. What is DMV in the USA?
    DMV the department of motor vehicles is an agency that issues driver’s licenses.
  2. What is DMV called in Washington state?
    In Washington state, DMV is known as the “Washington State Department Of Licensing”
  3. What are the working hours of the New York DMV?
    The working hours of the NY DMV are from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.
  4. What is the DMV called in England?
    DVLA (Driver and vehicle licensing agency)
  5. What is the DMV called in Canada?
    Department of motor vehicle
  6. Is there DMV in Virginia?
    Yes, DMV in Virginia is known as the “Virginia department of motor vehicles”
  7. Can a 17-year-old drive in New York state?
    A 17-year-old can drive in New York state with a class D license.
  8. What is DMV’s official Instagram account?
    California department of motor vehicles has an official Instagram account “ California DMV (@ca_dmv)
  9. What is DMV in the USA?
    Department of motor vehicles

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