Big Sean’s Zodiac Sign: From Rapper to Astrology Enigma 2023

Big Sean’s Zodiac Sign: Sean Michael Leonard Anderson (born March 25, 1988) is an American rapper from Detroit, Michigan, commonly well-known as Big Sean. Sean confirmed with Kanye West’s GOOD Music in 2007, Def Jam Recordings in 2008, and Roc Nation in 2014. After casting several mixtapes, Sean released his debut studio album,Finally Famous”, in 2011. He cast his second studio album, “Hall of Fame”, on August 27, 2013. Sean’s third studio album Dark Sky Paradise” was released in 2015 and earned him his first No. 1 studio album.

Astrological Natal Chart: Big Sean’s Zodiac Sign

Born in Santa Monica, USA

Friday, March 25, 1988

06:05 (time zone = GMT -8 hours)

118w29, 34n01

Big Sean’s Zodiac Sign
Big Sean’s Zodiac Sign


At the exact minute of your birth, the astrological sign that is rising on the eastern horizon is established as the Ascendant or Rising Sign. The Ascendant is how you dawn on the world, and how you show yourself to others. If somebody were to guess your astrological sun sign, they would assume it based on what you show the world, which is your rising sign. It’s the characteristics and personality qualities that you put forth for all to see. It’s the stained glass window that you project outside for the rest of your chart to pass through.


ARIES Rising

People with Aries on the rising are driven and groundbreaking. They can be impulsive, quarrelsome, self-centered, and short-tempered. They tend to be dominant, willful, and self-sufficient. They are good with their hands and may boast about their abilities. They have a lot of physical energy that needs an outlet. 

Their impulsiveness may sometimes lead to careless behavior, even if they have good intentions. They value their independence and rebel against others telling them what to do. It would be helpful for them to communicate diplomatically and exercise caution, as they often act without thinking ahead and find themselves in difficult situations.

They should try to channel their energy in positive ways. However, they have a tendency to use force and believe that willpower alone can solve problems. They need to learn that brute force is not always effective and can limit their progress while disregarding others’ feelings.

They enjoy competitions and can be aggressive at times. Routine tasks bore them, but they should learn to persevere through such situations as they are a part of life. They tend to start new things without finishing previous ones, so it’s important for them to complete what they have begun and avoid being tempted by novelty. 

Planetary Aspects:

Planets represent forces and energies in different situations, while aspects between planets show how these energies work together. There are both challenging and easy aspects, and individuals have the choice to use them positively. The aspects between planets communicate with each other.

The dominance of planets in an aspect depends on their interaction with the rest of the natal chart. However, it’s ultimately up to the individual to decide how to utilize the aspects in their chart using their free will. They can choose to use the planets’ aspects meaningfully and productively.

Here are some character traits from Big Sean’s birth chart. This description is far from comprehensive but can shed light on his/her personality, which is still mesmerizing for professional astrologers or astrology lovers. You have a vivid imagination, sensitivity, and intuition.

You enjoy showing care and tenderness and appreciate romance. You empathize with others without judging them. Your idealistic views can inspire artistic endeavors that bring you emotional satisfaction. Being near large bodies of water soothes your spirit, and you may find fulfillment in photographing the sea.

Moon discordant to Neptune

(power = 14.44 and this aspect is discordant = -14.44)

You are selfless in helping others, but your emotions can become imbalanced if you don’t channel your energy creatively. You’re fascinated by metaphysical and mystical subjects, and you may have talents in those areas. There’s a tendency to escape harsh realities by daydreaming and creating a better world in your mind. However, it’s important not to neglect real-world responsibilities and face obstacles head-on.

Your kindness and sensitivity make you susceptible to manipulation, so be cautious about trusting others. Learn to manage intense feelings and stay grounded. Asserting yourself may be challenging, but it’s crucial to fight for what you believe in. Trust your instincts, but avoid harmful mystical practices and situations that tempt you. 

You absorb the energy around you, so it’s important to avoid negative environments and people. Surround yourself with warmth and encouragement to maintain optimism. Sometimes you feel the need to isolate yourself and indulge excessively. When you care for someone, you may idealize them and feel devastated if they disappoint you. 

You may be inclined to escape through substance abuse or create false stories. It’s challenging for you to discern truth from falsehood. Conflict is difficult, and you tend to retreat into daydreams to avoid it.

Be cautious of blindly trusting others and take time to think things through. Your sensitivity can make even minor offenses deeply affect you. You may withdraw mentally when hurt and interpret situations differently, leading to despair when discovering the truth. Dishonesty and trickery are common themes, both from others and within yourself.

Moon harmonizing with Pluto

(power = 9.41 and this aspect is harmonious = 9.41)

You love discovering life’s mysteries and uncovering hidden truths, even if it involves some risks. You feel happiest in emotionally intense situations and can handle dramatic emotions well. You believe in bringing emotions to the surface form deep connections with others. You are sincere and don’t play with people’s feelings. You find subjects like religion, science, myths, sexuality, psychology, fiction based on science, death, the afterlife, and healing fascinating.

Your intuition helps you understand others’ feelings. Learning brings you pleasure, and you absorb new information easily. Your emotions go deeper than what you show others. You work hard and stay dedicated to your job, even when it’s challenging. You excel at identifying the main issues in challenges and finding solutions.

Your analytical mind suits fields like psychology or therapy, as you can understand people’s thoughts and feelings accurately. You have strong willpower and don’t give up easily. 

Mercury harmonizing with Pluto

(power = 9.17 and this aspect is harmonious = 9.17)

You have a strong ability to explore deep thoughts and uncover hidden secrets, even if they’re not pleasant. You would excel as an investigator due to your natural talent in this field. Psychological evaluation and topics related to the afterlife and mystical studies interest you greatly. You prefer to thoroughly learn one thing instead of dabbling in various subjects. While you expect transparency from others, you are unwilling to be equally open with them.

You feel most comfortable when the attention is not on you and you can freely do as you please. If you can channel your energies properly, you have the potential to heal others using your hands, making massage therapy or chiropractic care suitable options for you.

You enjoy disassembling and reassembling things, as you have good technical skills and a curiosity about how things work together. You are drawn to mysterious situations, people, or subjects and enjoy the challenge of understanding them. 

When you reach a conclusion, you can clearly express what you have learned. You rely on your logical, analytical mind and intuitive abilities to assess everything you encounter. You strive to transform and transcend what you discover.

Others easily recognize your confident dedication to your pursuits. When you’re interested in a topic, you can fully concentrate and absorb all relevant information about it. You are highly observant and accurate in evaluating the circumstances and people around you.

Venus harmonizing with Mars

(power = 9.08 and this aspect is harmonious = 9.08)

You enjoy romance and are affectionate and appreciative in pursuing relationships. People are attracted to you, even if you don’t fit the stereotypical beauty standards (though you often do). Your vibrant personality makes you popular and easy to be around. You keep your emotions steady and low-key, which is appealing to the opposite sex.

You have a knack for playing matchmaker and can create lasting harmonious pairings for others. Your amorous nature drives you to seek beauty and express your passion creatively. 

You have a charismatic magnetism that draws others to you. Being alone for too long doesn’t suit you, as you prefer being socially active and engaging with people. You crave affectionate expression and seek warmth in return.

Your vitality is noticeable, and people find you attractive. Your romantic relationships are likely to thrive because you know what you want in a partner and can communicate your feelings clearly. You are direct and honest in your intentions, but you avoid conflict as you dislike disharmony. You put effort into understanding your emotions. 

Jupiter harmonizing with Saturn

(power = 8.65 and this aspect is harmonious = 8.65)

You achieve your goals by being dedicated, diligent, forward-thinking, persevering, structured, and sometimes with a stroke of luck. People trust you because you are reliable and deliver on your promises. Your consistency attracts others to you.

You have a knack for obtaining what you need to accomplish your endeavors, even if it comes at the last moment. You find a balance between what is possible and what is real. While you can work well in a team, you feel more comfortable working alone. You are patient and persistent in your work, knowing that your efforts will eventually pay off. 

Moon harmonizing with Mercury

(power = 8.58 and this aspect is harmonious = 8.58)

Your memory is excellent, allowing you to recall past moments and details, including those involving others. You have a talent for teaching or public speaking, as you put a lot of emotional energy into communicating your thoughts. Education is important to you, and you strive to gather knowledge on progressive advancements.

You would make a good therapist due to your attentive listening skills and non-judgmental attitude toward people’s troubles. Others feel nurtured by you and you inspire them to believe in themselves. 

You understand subtle cues and unspoken words, helping you provide truly helpful advice. Consider writing down your experiences and responses as it can contribute to personal growth when reflecting on them in the future.

Linguistics may be a skill you possess. Mentally, you are logical and can think clearly without being overwhelmed by emotions. You often seem to voice others’ thoughts or anticipate them, as you are highly attuned to people’s emotional energy. This ability comforts others, knowing you truly understand their situation. 

You can express your thoughts and concepts through written or spoken words. Communication in all its forms appeals to you, as does traveling. You prefer a life filled with changes and new experiences to stimulate your mind and provide fresh material for expression and emotions. Consider exploring writing as this placement grants mental clarity.

Moon discordant to Saturn

(power = 7.78 and this aspect is discordant = -11.67)

You have ambition and drive to succeed, but you often doubt yourself and lack confidence. Insecurity and fear of failure lead you to work excessively to prove your worth. You struggle to bond with others and try to buy their love and loyalty instead. Genuine connections are necessary for people to see the wonderful things within you.

Insecurities strain relationships as you constantly seek reassurance. Consider redefining emotional security and allowing yourself to be vulnerable. Feeling like the odd one out makes you act cold and reserved, despite your desire for equal involvement. 

Your sensitivity leads you to wall up and avoid opening up to others. Taking time for personal growth and reflection can help you become stronger emotionally. Life’s challenges may make you feel anxious, irritated, or depressed.

It’s important to remember that you’re not alone and others are willing to help and care for you if you let them in. Past experiences have made you fearful of expressing emotions.

Your perspective on emotional security needs adjustment—it’s about how you see things, not solely about others’ actions. Despite your reserved demeanor, you deeply care and crave love. Painful experiences can lead to personal growth.

This placement has a strong influence, and you gain wisdom through your own experiences. You have the mental drive to persevere through challenges and rise back up after emotionally difficult times.

Sun discordant to Moon

(power = 7.59 and this aspect is discordant = -7.59)

You struggle to show compassion towards others as you focus more on your own life. There is an internal conflict between what you think you want and what you truly need, causing indecision and anxiety. It’s challenging for you to make decisions and determine what is right. You feel torn between your individuality and forming close bonds with others.

The mixed signals you send confuse people, leading to instability in your relationships. It’s important to find the balance between your inner feelings and actions and to recognize and counter your changeable moods. Use periods of high energy for productivity and slow down when you feel drained. Your emotional state can vary greatly, making you unpredictable and potentially unresponsive to others’ emotions and needs.

Jupiter harmonizing with Uranus

(power = 7.32 and this aspect is harmonious = 10.98)

Unexpected opportunities for success often arise in your life, and they can be quite unique. You have interesting ambitions and are seen as unconventional. People appreciate your positive and humorous nature. You are open-minded, accepting, kind, and charitable. Mystical studies and scientific pursuits may pique your interest. You are friendly, outgoing, caring, and generous, always ready to help others. 

Learning and experiencing new things are important to you, and you seek out eccentric individuals who can teach you new perspectives. Your curiosity leads you to explore various concepts and ideas. You prefer discovering new places rather than settling down in one location. Monotonous tasks and commitments can be burdensome for you, as you crave variety and freedom. You may receive an unexpected financial inheritance. Positive past life experiences contribute to your spiritual blessings and guidance.

Saturn blending with Uranus

(power = 6.67 and this aspect is discordant = -3.34)

This placement can create inner conflict or a magnetic aura, depending on your overall horoscope. There is a constant battle between different sides of your personality, such as conformity versus rebellion, tradition versus progress, realism versus idealism, and conventionality versus alternative thinking. This internal struggle can lead to pressure and uncertainty, with constant shifts in your mindset. 

However, there is an opportunity to combine these traits in a way that benefits humanity. Achieving this will require hard work, but it is possible. You have the ability to make progressive changes by dedicating yourself to an idea and following through with practical methods. It’s important to manage your impatience and emotional outbursts, which can occur during stressful moments. Find ways to soothe yourself and express your feelings in a positive manner before they become overwhelming. Visualization, breathing techniques, or meditation can help you channel tension effectively.

Sun discordant to Saturn

(power = 5.19 and this aspect is discordant = -7.78)

You tend to focus on yourself and lack empathy for others. You are fearful, worried, and doubt yourself. You are ambitious and will do anything to achieve your goals. You approach life with caution and fulfill your responsibilities diligently. You work too hard and should try a more lighthearted approach. You prefer sticking to what you know rather than trying new things. 

You often feel inadequate, which leads to loneliness and insecurity. It takes a lot of effort and time for you to achieve your goals. Unfortunately, your plans often get delayed. You may struggle with authority figures in your life. Despite the challenges, you possess perseverance and patience to achieve your goals. Learning to be generous without expecting anything in return would be beneficial for you. Past life karma calls for kindness and generosity in this lifetime. Fate pushes you to work with others in a caring manner.

Furthermore, you need to overcome your critical nature. You have high expectations for yourself and others, leading to self-criticism when you fall short. Try to be more realistic in your expectations. Your high expectations create tension and irritability. Sometimes you think others are limiting you, but it’s actually a lesson to practice tolerance and go easy on yourself and others. Your struggles aim to show you that life doesn’t have to be taken so seriously.

Sun discordant to Neptune

(power = 5.03 and this aspect is discordant = -5.03)

You daydream instead of working and avoid difficult tasks. You worry excessively and obsess over problems that usually don’t happen. Though creative, you lack motivation and diligence for artistic pursuits. Avoid negative spiritual practices as they will bring trouble.

You struggle with self-restraint and saying no to temptations. Substance abuse may be an issue, so curb those cravings. Be more practical and grounded to accomplish things. You are empathetic and help others, but be aware of those who take advantage of your kindness. Learn to say no when your intuition warns you.

Finding your life direction is challenging as you have trouble focusing. You are influenced by emotions and material desires. Be mindful of your environment and medication sensitivity. Your non-aggressive nature hinders progress. Learn to defend your values and beliefs. Don’t avoid disagreements and see others realistically. Be cautious of hidden adversaries due to past actions

Neptune harmonizing with Pluto

(power = 4.98 and this aspect is harmonious = 4.98)

Your generation has the potential to help humanity. Trust your intuition when helping others.

Mercury harmonizing with Neptune

(power = 4.15 and this aspect is harmonious = 4.15)

You have a vivid imagination and can easily visualize your thoughts. Your excellent reasoning skills help you turn your fantasies into reality. You are drawn to metaphysics, the supernatural, and alternative medicine. You may have the ability to heal others with your hands. You possess deep self-awareness and can project your thoughts outward. There is a lot of artistic talent within you, and when motivated, you create inspiring works. Science feels unfamiliar to you, and you thrive in the creative realm.

Being near water has a calming effect on your spirit, so make an effort to visit such areas. You are highly sensitive, intuitive, and easily inspired. You may have spiritual communication during sleep.

Sun discordant to Uranus

(power = 3.86 and this aspect is discordant = -3.86)

You are independent, unconventional, and open-minded. However, this can lead to selfish behavior and a lack of discipline. Your moods change quickly and you may feel like an outsider. It’s hard for you to stick to one project and focus your energy. Others see you as unreliable and may not trust you. You act impulsively to cope with inner tension. Carelessness and impatience can make you accident-prone.

Your life is filled with sudden changes that teach you spiritual lessons. You’re interested in various subjects but struggle to commit for a long. 

Independence is crucial to you, and you crave new experiences and adventures. You challenge conventions and act eccentrically. Others may find you strange, but it inspires you. You can be selfish and need to consider others’ needs.

Listen and absorb what others say before jumping to conclusions. You crave mental stimulation and enjoy challenges. Your intellect is strong, but emotional intelligence may need improvement. You tend to think you’re right and others are wrong. Work on monitoring your impulses instead of acting thoughtlessly.

Moon harmonizing with Jupiter

(power = 2.13 and this aspect is harmonious = 3.19)

You are happy, accepting, positive, laid-back, and generous. Sometimes you give too much of yourself. You believe things will work out without much effort. You may struggle to solve difficult emotional issues. You enjoy tasty food but need to be mindful of overindulgence. You have a pleasing personality, ethical nature, and good fortune.

You dislike dishonesty and have a strong moral compass. You enjoy philosophy and have devoted beliefs. You are self-assured and handle troubles with humor. Laughter and joy are important to you. You want to help others improve their lives. Be cautious of laziness and overindulgence. Others love you for your integrity.


Planets in astrology represent the subject being addressed. They act like actors on a stage. The signs in astrology show how the actors behave. They answer the question of how the planet is motivated and whether they are living in their highest good or their shadow. The signs provide a detailed description of the actor’s reactions, behavior, and conduct.

Sun in Aries

Aries are confident and courageous. They are independent and inspiring. They have a strong will and act spontaneously. However, they can be impatient and self-centered. Arians prefer positions where they can take charge.

They are good at managing and controlling tasks. But sometimes they start projects without completing them. They should think things through before rushing ahead. They can achieve great things if they use their energy wisely.

Aries are energetic and motivate others. They have bold ideas and are full of vitality. However, they often overlook others’ abilities and focus too much on themselves. They should learn to collaborate and be patient to succeed.

Arians are straightforward and express their thoughts and feelings openly. They may have a quick temper but quickly forgive and forget. They prefer to be honest rather than keeping things inside, even though their emotions can be intense.

Aries always go after what they want, but they may lose interest once they get it. In romantic relationships, they take the lead. They may experience headaches due to stress and tension. Arians should control their temper, be more patient, conserve their energy, and complete what they start. Waiting is necessary for project development, and they need to accept this to be successful.

Moon in Cancer

You are highly sensitive to the emotions of others, which causes your own feelings to fluctuate rapidly. It’s important for you to find a way to manage these fluctuations or find a positive outlet for them. You have a strong desire to take care of others. Sometimes, your emotions or thoughts may seem illogical to others because you struggle to express them clearly. Your loved ones should be understanding of your changing moods and the occasional need for solitude. 

You have a natural ability to empathize with others and often understand their feelings without them having to say anything. If someone hurts you, you forgive them but remember what happened. Feeling safe and secure is crucial for you, especially at home and with close relationships. Trust your instincts, as they are usually accurate, and you may even have premonitions. You hold on tightly to things that are important to you. 

Your maternal figure has had a significant impact on your life and will likely continue to do so. You prefer to stay out of the spotlight but will defend the people you care about. Sentimentality can be a challenge because you struggle to let go of objects that hold memories. Remember that memories will always stay in your heart, regardless of possessions. You have a good memory but may need to forgive others for their mistakes and move forward.

Mercury in Pisces

You have a unique way of processing and conveying information, which involves creativity, compassion, sensitivity, diplomacy, and idealism. Sometimes, when you’re not doing well, you can become overly emotional, daydream a lot, and procrastinate. Motivating yourself to do difficult tasks can be challenging, and you may get easily distracted and struggle with organization. Artistic endeavors ignite your passion more than technical pursuits. You may not like traditional education methods but can absorb information effortlessly when truly interested. 

Your environment greatly influences you, so be mindful of the situations you surround yourself with. Taking breaks and spending time alone is necessary for inner balance, but avoid isolating yourself too much or dwelling on your shortcomings. Alternative healing methods like visual aids or massage therapy may work well for you. Creative subjects, particularly writing, acting, or music, capture your attention as you have a vivid imagination. Expressing yourself creatively is easier than articulating verbally, and you may appear scatterbrained at times.

You rely on intuition rather than hard data for decision-making and often understand others’ feelings before they do. You may get absorbed in your own thoughts and be unaware of the physical world around you. You have a limitless mindset and are open to possibilities, including non-physical realms. Your initial instincts about others are usually accurate, relying on a sense rather than concrete evidence. Your thoughts can wander, so it’s beneficial to focus on maintaining a positive mindset.

Venus in Taurus

In romantic relationships, you are trustworthy and faithful. You thrive when your partner is warm and expressive with their feelings. Your senses are sensitive, which can lead to indulgence and potential weight gain. You have a strong appreciation for aesthetics and desire a visually attractive partner. However, be cautious not to place too much importance on material possessions and control your sensual desires. 

You value luxury and prefer to avoid manual labor, sometimes assuming others will do it for you. You are creative, loving, charismatic, and empathetic, but you need to learn self-restraint. In relationships, you may struggle with envy and possessiveness, and you may be reluctant to put in extra effort during challenging times. However, you enjoy expressing your appreciation through practical and meaningful gestures.

Mars in Capricorn

You have a strong desire for respect, power, and success. Being in control is important to you, and you often take on leadership roles. However, there is a risk of using your power to trample others. You are diligent, determined, and focused on tangible achievements. You work hard, are patient, and are willing to make sacrifices for future success. Be careful not to overwork yourself. You prefer traditional methods and avoid taking unnecessary risks. 

You rely on your own merit rather than relying on luck. You have good business sense and are self-driven, reliable, and accountable. It may take time for you to acquire knowledge, but you understand things thoroughly once you grasp them. You use your energy efficiently, and achieving your goals is highly important to you. However, there may be inner tension that can lead to frustration and bitterness over perceived slights. It would be beneficial for you to find constructive ways to relieve this tension and let go of the past.

Jupiter in Taurus

You strive to help humanity through practical and tangible actions. You prefer to be rewarded with material possessions rather than just words of appreciation. You are generous if you believe it will lead to favorable outcomes. Be mindful of over-indulgence and take care to control your cravings.

You hold strong beliefs and require substantial evidence to change your views. You may worry about disease and physical discomfort. Material assets come your way, but be cautious about how you use them to avoid trouble. Managing weight gain can be a challenge due to your love for tasty treats. It would be beneficial for you to learn self-restraint and limit indulgence in sensual pleasures.

Saturn in Capricorn

You are driven, disciplined, and organized. When working, you are diligent, effective, and willing to wait patiently to achieve your goals. Being reliable is important to you, and you tend to approach life in a serious manner. You understand that sacrifices are necessary for meaningful achievements and that pleasure may not always be the priority.

However, finding a balance between work and personal life can be challenging for you. You have a knack for grasping abstract ideas and explaining them in a way that others can understand. There is a possibility of becoming a workaholic due to feelings of loneliness or inadequacy. Status and success hold great value for you, which may lead you to make excessive sacrifices to attain them. It would be beneficial for you to control power-hungry tendencies and avoid being self-centered.


In astrology, the Planets represent “what” is being focused on and act as actors on a stage. The Houses, on the other hand, represent the stage itself. They determine “where” the action is taking place, such as in the home, health, career, or marriage. The Houses reveal the story of where the action is happening, the people involved, and the type of environment.

Sun in 12th house

You have a strong desire to help others, but it can be difficult because you tend to withdraw and hope someone else will save you. You have past-life karma that makes you confront your destructive tendencies. You have an intuitive understanding that everything is interconnected in the universe. Building self-belief is important for you since your confidence is often low.

You feel drawn to people with health issues, both physical and mental, as you can relate to them. You may have premonitions or an interest in topics like the new age and metaphysics. There is a chance you may fall into a victim mentality, always ready to sacrifice yourself.

Moon in 4th house

Family ties are important to you in this placement. You often search for and enjoy collecting possessions that tie you to where you came from, a way of clinging to your past. Family relations and your home life instill a deep sense of personal security for you and there is likely a strong influence from the parental figures in your life. Your living location may change frequently as you search for an ideal location to put down roots. In your career, there will be an emphasis on things to do with the home; you may even work from home or create a home-like environment in your office as this will allow you to feel comfortable and secure.

Mercury in the 12th house

You have a gentle and insightful mind, with good instincts. You are interested in theoretical and supernatural topics. You easily absorb information and understand more than you reveal. You have a knack for reading others and sensing their true intentions through their body language, but you often keep this to yourself. Be cautious of hidden enemies who may harm you with their words. It’s important to build self-confidence and manage your anxiety to avoid problems. Your hearing or ears may be susceptible to injury or you may have difficulty hearing compared to others.

Venus in 2nd house

You have a strong appreciation for beautiful and creative things and you enjoy spending your money on acquiring them. Having luxurious comforts is important to you. Sometimes you may not be motivated to work hard to obtain these desires, yet you have a knack for attracting what you need. It’s common for you to experience financial gains through personal relationships or in some kind of fortunate way.

Mars in the 10th house

You are driven and determined to succeed in your career. You have ambitions to reach the top, and your strong administrative and managerial skills make it likely that you will achieve your goals. You prefer to be in control of your own success and lead yourself rather than follow others. Your self-sufficiency and focus on goals may create some tension with authority figures at work, such as higher-ups or even your parents. You thrive in an environment with diverse challenges rather than a repetitive routine.

Jupiter in 1st house

Your confidence and ability to inspire others make you a natural leader, providing numerous opportunities for personal growth and expansion. You excel in promoting ideas or causes, as you have a talent for convincing others to follow you. Your generous and optimistic nature, along with a zest for life, make you a joyful and enthusiastic individual. Engaging in outdoor activities and sports can help counter the tendency for weight gain associated with this placement. However, it is important to curb your extravagant tendencies, as you can be self-indulgent, emotionally dramatic, and prone to misplaced trust.

Saturn in the 9th house

You hold conventional philosophical views and feel strongly about them, sometimes criticizing the beliefs of others. You have a natural ability to focus on deep topics and often question religion and the existence of a higher power. Your travel experiences are often filled with unexpected interruptions and challenges. Dealing with foreign cultures may be irritating for you, but it’s important not to dwell on these difficulties and learn to conserve your energy.

Uranus in the 9th house

Your life philosophy tends to be rather unconventional or ahead of its time. Your ideas are original; you come to them on your own accord rather than simply listening to what others tell you. You may choose to educate yourself in religious studies, cultural studies, or the metaphysical realm. Mentally you prefer to keep an open mind, gather information and knowledge, and ponder ideas others would never venture into.

You are likely to encounter abrupt, unanticipated adventures, and many of them on a mental plane as your intuition is strong and you can experience prophetic visions or dreams. Find ways to relax your mind and your thinking, as your intense mental activity can cause anxiety and possibly a mental collapse.

Neptune in the 10th house

Your career path may take unexpected turns and unusual circumstances may arise on your journey to success. It’s important to stay grounded and practical, as you have a tendency to become influenced by unrealistic thinking and daydreaming. Your profession is likely to involve some form of creativity, such as art, photography, pharmaceuticals, entertainment, advertising, humanitarian work, or metaphysics. Your public reputation may fluctuate without a clear reason. It’s possible that you may have felt unwanted or excluded by one or both of your parents.

Pluto in the 7th house

You may choose a romantic partner based on their uncompromising nature, which can lead to a dominating and possessive dynamic. It’s important to find a way to collaborate and establish a more balanced environment. You seek a partner who can inspire and challenge you to overcome your previous behavior patterns, providing you with strength and willpower. This person will contribute to your personal growth and intensify your emotions.

You have a tendency to be drawn to powerful individuals who may try to control you, believing that you need their presence to unlock your potential. Emotions run high in your relationships, and loyalty and faithfulness are crucial to you. Issues may arise if your partner doesn’t share the same values.


The Sabian Symbols are a collection of 360 symbols, each representing a degree of the zodiac chart wheel. They were created by Marc Edmund Jones and Elsie Wheeler around 1925 in San Diego, California. Astrologers today use these symbols to gain a deeper understanding of the meaning of planets in specific degrees of the zodiac.

Sun in Aries 6

Sabian Symbol: A black square is brightly illuminated on one side with red.

Kozminsky Symbol: In a workshop, a metal smith is repairing a caduceus made of silver and Mercury. The caduceus is placed on a copper base. There are different metals and tools scattered around the workshop.

Moon in Cancer 10

Sabian Symbol: A lapidary holds an uncut diamond in his hand, preparing to cut it.

Kozminsky Symbol: At sunset, a painter stands in front of an easel, capturing the enchanting light of the forest in his painting.

Mercury in Pisces 13

Sabian Symbol: An old sword is exhibited in a museum.

Kozminsky Symbol: A man crosses a muddy area by walking on a fallen tree.

Venus in Taurus 21

Sabian Symbol: A hand points to important sections in an open book.

Kozminsky Symbol: A racehorse with the number 3 on its saddle cloth enters the racetrack.

Mars in Capricorn 22

Sabian Symbol: The general suffers a defeat but gains respect and honor from his community.

Kozminsky Symbol: At sunrise, a hawk perches on a darkened rock, illuminated by the sunlight.

Jupiter in Taurus 4

Sabian Symbol: The end of a rainbow reveals a pot of gold surrounded by shimmering colors.

Kozminsky Symbol: In a nighttime circus, a ringmaster and a female gymnast ride a galloping white horse.

Saturn in Capricorn 3

Sabian Symbol: A soul desires to be born and lingers before finding a body.

Kozminsky Symbol: In the sky, an elderly man sits with one foot resting on a sword.

Uranus in Capricorn 2

Sabian Symbol: Inside an ancient cathedral, there are three stained glass windows, and the middle one is damaged from the war.

Kozminsky Symbol: Encircled by black, there is a shining disk with a red center.

Neptune in Capricorn 11

Sabian Symbol: Several pheasants can be found on a large private property.

Kozminsky Symbol: An armed man sits on a lion, with a scarab beneath him and an iron rod held by a hand above him.

Pluto in Scorpio 13

Sabian Symbol: A creator is diligently operating his invention, close to finishing his one-of-a-kind creation.

Kozminsky Symbol: A wide river flows with bubbling water over rocks.

Ascendant in Aries 10

Sabian Symbol: An expert revitalizes old symbolic images with new forms, breathing life into their lost meanings.

Kozminsky Symbol: A ship sails towards the radiant morning light, bathed in a gentle pink glow.

Midheaven in Capricorn 6

Sabian Symbol: In the forest, ten logs rest beneath a dark archway.

Kozminsky Symbol: During sunset, a traveler strolls through the forest, observing a star shining amidst blue clouds in the sky.

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