Couple wants to bring people back to Broadway, from different directions

By Mark Kennedy

NEW YORK — She’s the darling of Broadway. He’s the champion of cutting-edge theater in New York.

Her Tony Award-winning musicals — such as the revivals of “Pippin” and “Porgy and Bess” — soar with emotion and splendor. His are likely to involve a cocktail, a mask or a half-dressed dwarf.

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The Gate: Newseum exhibit captures year in photos

By Roger Catlin

The otherworldly sight of African migrants, lit only by the moon and the light of their cellphones, held aloft, trying to grab signals from nearby Somalia to call their relatives. The terror of a mall turned battleground after a brazen attack in Kenya. A severely malnourished child crying out from her mother’s burqa at an Afghan hospital. The best photojournalists have a way of capturing a whole of a complex story in a single frame and, with their artistry, make it live in our memory long after news has marched on. News pictures too good to forget from last year …read more

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<a href= class="colorbox">Ukraine Unrest: U.S. Military Exercises In Eastern Europe Considered</a>

Ukraine Unrest: U.S. Military Exercises In Eastern Europe Considered

WASHINGTON (AP) — The United States is considering deploying about 150 soldiers for military exercises to begin in Poland and Estonia in the next few weeks, a Western official said Saturday. The exercises would follow Russia’s buildup of forces near its border with Ukraine and its annexation last month of Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula.

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said earlier this week that the U.S. is looking for ways to reassure its NATO allies of its strong commitment to collective defense. The Pentagon’s press secretary, Rear Adm. John Kirby, said in a statement Friday that American officials are considering a …read more

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<a href= class="colorbox">Change Management: 4 Factors that Distinguish Successes from Failures</a>

Change Management: 4 Factors that Distinguish Successes from Failures


By Judith E. Glaser

Many MANAGEMENT GURUS, ACADEMICS, and CEOs are writing on change, yet there is a difference between theory and actual change. If you are entrusted to make change happen, run a division, have a strategic HR role, or are in the C-suite, think about what it takes to facilitate change. When successful change occurs, employees feel like authors not objects of change. They feel fully invested, accountable and energetic about the future, regardless of challenges.

Using Conversational Intelligence™, I’ve worked in change and transformation initiatives for over 20 years, since the concept …read more

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<a href= class="colorbox">Warriors Beat Clippers 109-105 In Wild NBA Playoff Series Opener (VIDEO)</a>

Warriors Beat Clippers 109-105 In Wild NBA Playoff Series Opener (VIDEO)

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Klay Thompson scored 22 points, David Lee added 20 and the Golden State Warriors got Blake Griffin and Chris Paul in foul trouble to beat the Los Angeles Clippers 109-105 on Saturday in their playoff opener.

Stephen Curry added 14 points for the Warriors, who trailed by 11 points to start the game before rallying in the third when Griffin and Paul were on the bench together. Paul led the Clippers with 28 points, and J.J. Redick added 22 points in 30 minutes. Griffin finished with 16 points, fouling out with 48 seconds left and …read more

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Syrian jihadists employ soccer as propaganda and recruitment tool

By James M. Dorsey

Jihadists, often eager to exploit soccer for their ideological goals, have found a new way of employing the game for propaganda and recruitment purposes. A recent jihadist video suggested that an apparent Portuguese fighter in Syria was a former French international who had played for British premier league club Arsenal.

The video exploited the physical likeness of a masked jihadist fighter believed to be Celso Rodrigues Da Costa, to that of French international Lassana Diarra. Voice analysis suggested however that the man brandishing an AK-47 weapon in the clip was Mr. Da Costa, a …read more

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<a href= class="colorbox">Raptors Exec Has Toronto's NBA Playoffs Rallying Cry: 'F*** BROOKLYN!' (NSFW VIDEO)</a>

Raptors Exec Has Toronto's NBA Playoffs Rallying Cry: 'F*** BROOKLYN!' (NSFW VIDEO)

The general manager of the Toronto Raptors had a simple message for fans at a pep rally: “Fuck Brooklyn!”

Masai Ujiri, the 2012-2013 NBA Executive Of The Year, made this profane proclamation on Saturday afternoon outside Air Canada Centre in Toronto before his Raptors faced off against the Brooklyn Nets in the opening game of their first-round series in the 2014 NBA Playoffs.


The only thing that would have given the moment more attitude would have been if Ujiri simply dropped the microphone on the stage …read more

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<a href= class="colorbox">Why Progressives Should Think Twice About Embracing Uber and Lyft</a>

Why Progressives Should Think Twice About Embracing Uber and Lyft

Since 2005 it has been my pleasure to be a cab driver in my hometown of St. Louis. On a daily basis I get to see all parts of St. Louis City, St. Louis County and often the Metro-East and beyond. While I love my job there are also many challenges. I’ve had to deal with attempted robberies, people throwing up in my cab, urinating in the cab, fighting in the backseat, inappropriate sexual behavior in the backseat, people who jump out and run, passengers who have tried to fight me, and almost anything else you can think of. Still, …read more

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<a href= class="colorbox">The 2014 NBA Playoffs Meets 'Game Of Thrones' Because There Can Only Be One True King</a>

The 2014 NBA Playoffs Meets 'Game Of Thrones' Because There Can Only Be One True King

The playoffs are coming.

Sixteen title aspirants from across North America have reached the 2014 NBA Playoffs. Among that group, only a select few franchises have true claims on the Larry O’Brien NBA Championship Trophy. Two will reach the 2014 NBA Finals. Only one will emerge victorious and live forever in basketball history. The NBA’s postseason will unfold as the fourth season of “Game Of Thrones” plays out on HBO during April, May and into June. In both unpredictable dramas, egos and strategies will clash as legacies are forged and broken.

“When you …read more

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