<a href=http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/07/29/stampede-at-guinea-concert_n_5632476.html?utm_hp_ref=world&ir=WorldPost class="colorbox">Stampede At Guinea Concert Celebrating The End Of Ramadan Claims 24 Lives: Report</a>

Stampede At Guinea Concert Celebrating The End Of Ramadan Claims 24 Lives: Report

CONAKRY, July 30 (Reuters) – At least 24 people were killed in a stampede at a beachside concert celebrating the end of Ramadan in Guinea’s capital, news agency AFP said, with Guinea’s Presidency declaring a week of mourning after what it described as a “tragic drama”.

A statement from the Presidency said the incident occurred at a beach in the Ratoma neighborhood of the capital, Conakry. It noted some deaths and injuries but did not give a death toll.
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<a href=http://www.huffingtonpost.com/larry-p-thomas/top-10-youtube-channels-f_b_5628826.html?utm_hp_ref=business&ir=Business class="colorbox">Top 10 YouTube Channels for Leaders</a>

Top 10 YouTube Channels for Leaders


With over 6 billion hours of video and thousands of channels, YouTube has something for everyone — even for those of us who want to become better leaders.

Over the last year I’ve subscribed to a number of YouTube channels that have consistently helped me identify new trends, understand best practices, and spot high-impact opportunities.

Here is a list of my favorites:

1. The Aspen Institute: Watch leaders from around the globe examine the concepts and issues that shape our lives and challenge our times.

2. TED: Enjoy …read more

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<a href=http://www.huffingtonpost.com/james-dorsey/qatar-invests-in-israeli_b_5632407.html?utm_hp_ref=world&ir=WorldPost class="colorbox">Qatar Invests in Israeli Soccer Despite Gaza and War of Words With Jerusalem</a>

Qatar Invests in Israeli Soccer Despite Gaza and War of Words With Jerusalem

Qatar is emerging for the second time in a decade as the only Arab state without a peace treaty and diplomatic relations to have invested in Israel. Qatar’s latest investment in Israeli Palestinian soccer comes against a backdrop of a war of words between the two countries over the Gulf state’s support for Hamas, the Islamist militia that controls the war-wracked Gaza Strip. Yet, Qatar’s relationship with Hamas makes it alongside Turkey the only country that can talk directly to the group as part of international efforts to achieve a ceasefire in Gaza.

A Qatari agreement to donate $4.6 …read more

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<a href=http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/07/29/university-of-texas-chancellor-william-mcraven_n_5632361.html?utm_hp_ref=world&ir=WorldPost class="colorbox">University Of Texas Picking William McRaven As New Chancellor</a>

University Of Texas Picking William McRaven As New Chancellor

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — University of Texas System regents on Tuesday selected one of the top U.S. military special operations leaders as the lone finalist for the job of chancellor, overseeing the system’s 15 campuses and $14 billion budget.

Navy Adm. William McRaven, head of U.S. Special Operations Command in Tampa, Florida, has been credited with spearheading the operation that led to the death of Osama bin Laden in a raid on his compound in Pakistan in 2011.

“Admiral McRaven is a nationally and internationally respected leader and a true American hero,” Board of Regents Chairman Paul Foster …read more

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<a href=http://www.huffingtonpost.com/nikolas-kozloff/mercurial-tango-putins-od_b_5632320.html?utm_hp_ref=world&ir=WorldPost class="colorbox">Mercurial Tango: Putin's Odd Courtship of Argentina</a>

Mercurial Tango: Putin's Odd Courtship of Argentina

In light of the history, Argentina seems like the last country one would expect to embrace Russia and Vladimir Putin. Indeed, during the Cold War Buenos Aires was ruled by a military junta firmly allied to the U.S. In what came to be known as the “Dirty War,” Argentine generals hunted down suspected left-wing political opponents, killing an estimated 10,000 to 30,000 people between 1976 and 1983. At the time, the military saw itself as a bastion against radicalism in Latin America and did its utmost to hunt down revolutionaries and many others deemed to be socially …read more

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<a href=http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/07/29/law-schools-worth-getting-into_n_5614445.html?utm_hp_ref=business&ir=Business class="colorbox">Which Law Schools Are Worth Getting Into?</a>

Which Law Schools Are Worth Getting Into?

If you’ve looked into going to law school at all lately, you’ve heard about the debate on whether or not you should even bother.

Well, if you are set on going, our friends at FindTheBest came up with a couple of rankings that show you where to go — or not go — if you want a job along with your J.D.

Attending the law schools at …read more

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Corcoran Gallery’s lawyers conclude case for breakup but are strongly challenged

By David Montgomery

After painting a grim self-portrait of a museum on the edge — empty coffers, emergency climate chillers in the courtyard, a backup power generator in the street, “combustible” student art-making equipment one floor below priceless works — lawyers for the Corcoran Gallery of Art on Tuesday rested their case in favor of a dramatic reorganization.

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<a href=http://www.huffingtonpost.com/ed-lawler/the-agility-factor_b_5632188.html?utm_hp_ref=business&ir=Business class="colorbox">The Agility Factor</a>

The Agility Factor


The Beatles’ Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band changed the way people think about music; it is regarded as one of the most pivotal music releases of all time. Pop star Phil Collins said that it opened a door and showed people a new room.

But the door had already been opened for the Beatles. Paul McCartney said that the single biggest influence on Sergeant Pepper was the Beach Boy’s Pet Sounds album. The Beatles’ awe of Brian Wilson’s creativity challenged them to match sounds from bass harmonicas, sitars, and French horns to create wholly new musical textures and …read more

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