Corcoran Gallery’s lawyers conclude case for breakup but are strongly challenged

By David Montgomery

After painting a grim self-portrait of a museum on the edge — empty coffers, emergency climate chillers in the courtyard, a backup power generator in the street, “combustible” student art-making equipment one floor below priceless works — lawyers for the Corcoran Gallery of Art on Tuesday rested their case in favor of a dramatic reorganization.

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<a href= class="colorbox">The Agility Factor</a>

The Agility Factor


The Beatles’ Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band changed the way people think about music; it is regarded as one of the most pivotal music releases of all time. Pop star Phil Collins said that it opened a door and showed people a new room.

But the door had already been opened for the Beatles. Paul McCartney said that the single biggest influence on Sergeant Pepper was the Beach Boy’s Pet Sounds album. The Beatles’ awe of Brian Wilson’s creativity challenged them to match sounds from bass harmonicas, sitars, and French horns to create wholly new musical textures and …read more

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<a href= class="colorbox">Free Books: Marketing Genius or Devaluation of Writers?</a>

Free Books: Marketing Genius or Devaluation of Writers?


Heard at a recent garage sale: “I always take free stuff even when I’m not sure I want it. I mean, it’s FREE; I can always throw it out!

Contemporary culture seems to have a conflicted relationship with free. People will hip-check each other to get to a neighborhood “free box” first, then get suspicious when eager salesmen dangle promotional freebies to close a sale. We all love a free meal but will still wonder what’s wrong with business that the restaurant is offering it. We can rationalize downloading music without payment, yet barely blink when …read more

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‘Sharknado 2’: The real fear is the fear of missing out

By Hank Stuever

In the face of another “Sharknado” TV movie (the even-more-inane “Sharknado 2: The Second One,” premiering Wednesday night on Syfy) there isn’t much for a critic to say except to echo what the characters themselves so frequently scream when confronted by a great white shark spinning toward them in a funnel cloud:

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<a href= class="colorbox">Corporate Fraud of a Different Stripe</a>

Corporate Fraud of a Different Stripe


It’s that time of year again. Corporate good-guy awards are handed out like candy by magazines with headlines screaming “Best Companies,” for various groups – usually minorities and women. Public relations shops in the chosen companies are working overtime cranking out press releases touting their dedication to diversity, and how they value female employees equally with the men.

Trouble is, the fancy words don’t match reality. Too often their real purpose is to get the company on as many “best” lists as possible, and shower the magazines with advertising dollars as payment. A …read more

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<a href= class="colorbox">Ted Cruz Continues His Push To Repeal 'Every Bloody Word' Of Obamacare</a>

Ted Cruz Continues His Push To Repeal 'Every Bloody Word' Of Obamacare

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) is encouraging fellow Obamacare opponents to take their sentiments to the campaign trail.

Cruz said Tuesday the upcoming midterm elections and the 2016 elections are important opportunities for Republican candidates to push key issues, according to CNN. He was speaking at a conference hosted by the Young American’s Foundation.

“I think those elections should be about many, many things,” Cruz said, citing job creation and economic growth. “But they should be about repealing every bloody word of Obamacare.”

Cruz over the last year has relentlessly pursued repealing Obamacare, …read more

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