<a href=http://www.huffingtonpost.com/antwanye-ford/goldilocks-and-the-three-_1_b_5916786.html?utm_hp_ref=business&ir=Business class="colorbox">Goldilocks and the Three Methods</a>

Goldilocks and the Three Methods

Who said that Goldilocks and the Three Bears was only for children? When it comes to going after large contracts, small businesses need to work together to achieve a size that, as Goldilocks would say, is “just right”. Larger contracts to a small business can appear to be overwhelming. Goldilocks has given us the answer in that we must find a size that fits the opportunity. This “just right” size can be achieved by a Joint Venture (JV) or Merger & Acquisition (M&A). These methods are common among larger businesses; however, small businesses must find …read more

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<a href=http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/10/01/uber-teacher-appreciation-blog_n_5916234.html?utm_hp_ref=business&ir=Business class="colorbox">Uber Publishes 'Tone-Deaf' Blog Post For Teacher Appreciation</a>

Uber Publishes 'Tone-Deaf' Blog Post For Teacher Appreciation

Transportation service Uber is being criticized as “tone-deaf” for a blog post praising itself for offering underpaid teachers part-time jobs as drivers.

The post, titled “Teachers: Driving Our Futures,” says Uber intends to “celebrate the educators who are also our Uber partner drivers.” But some readers said Uber, which allows people to order transportation from a smartphone, seems to congratulate itself for giving underpaid teachers the opportunity to make supplemental income working as part-time drivers.

“Every day teachers are asked to do more with less, constantly faced with new challenges and limited resources. Uber …read more

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<a href=http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/10/01/awkward-ballerinas-dancing-video-vienna-state-opera_n_5916168.html?utm_hp_ref=sports&ir=Sports class="colorbox">These Awkward Ballerinas Take Dancing To Your Own Beat To A Whole New Level</a>

These Awkward Ballerinas Take Dancing To Your Own Beat To A Whole New Level

These ballerinas each put their own spin on what should be classical choreography, but that’s just why we love them.

And it’s obvious from the first moments of the performance — when a glasses-wearing dancer makes a late entrance on stage, shoulders slumped and frustration evident — that this ballet has a comedic twist.

When the rest of the dancers turn, at least one is bound to twist. When they leap, they leap straight into each other. No matter what they do, the dancers can’t stay in sync. And while their awkwardness on …read more

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<a href=http://www.huffingtonpost.com/paul-stewart/going-to-the-dogs-taking-_b_5916268.html?utm_hp_ref=sports&ir=Sports class="colorbox">Going to the D.O.Gs: Taking the Judgment Out of Delay of Game Rules</a>

Going to the D.O.Gs: Taking the Judgment Out of Delay of Game Rules

Over the years, there have been numerous attempts by the game’s powers that be to reduce the amount of criticism that officials get subjected to. You know what they say about where the road paved by good intentions often leads.

Toe in the crease, goalie interference, contact to the head, hitting from behind: All judgment calls taken off the plates of the referees and turned into cookie-cutter, across-the-board automatic rules. Names off the officials’ sweaters, stick buckets on their heads even though they are not playing the game: Efforts to scrub, sanitize and remove any name or face …read more

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<a href=http://feeds.wired.com/c/35185/f/661470/s/3f0756fd/sc/18/l/0L0Swired0N0C20A140C10A0Cwired0Espace0Ephoto0Eday0Eoctober0E20A140C/story01.htm class="colorbox">WIRED Space Photo of the Day for October 2014</a>

WIRED Space Photo of the Day for October 2014

By WIRED Science Staff

WIRED Space Photo of the Day for October 2014

Follow Space Photo of the Day on Twitter The 2013 WIRED Space Photo of the Day Gallery The 2012 WIRED Space Photo of the Day Gallery For caption information and links to high-resolution images, please use the full-screen version of this gallery. For more mind-blowing space photos, see the entire WIRED Space Photo of the […]

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…read more

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<a href=http://www.huffingtonpost.com/sahar-aziz/white-house-announces-cou_b_5895900.html?utm_hp_ref=world&ir=WorldPost class="colorbox">White House Announces Countering Violent Extremism Program: Is It Pretext for Spying on Muslims?</a>

White House Announces Countering Violent Extremism Program: Is It Pretext for Spying on Muslims?

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) has captured international attention as the world witnesses in horror its brutality. Notwithstanding that most of ISIL’s victims are Muslim, its atrocities are reinforcing false stereotypes that something is inherently violent about Islam. As a result, the Obama administration is under pressure to scrutinize Muslim communities across the country. Hence the DOJ’s recent announcement of a pilot program to counter violent extremists (CVE) may be the latest effort at targeted surveillance and counterterrorism enforcement of Muslim Americans.

ISIL arose out of the political chaos …read more

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<a href=http://www.huffingtonpost.com/morris-w-okelly/all-is-unfair-in-love-and_b_5916078.html?utm_hp_ref=sports&ir=Sports class="colorbox">All Is Unfair in Love and Domestic Violence</a>

All Is Unfair in Love and Domestic Violence

The principle of fairness is often misapplied in our media. It’s simply not true that “what’s good for the goose is also good for the gander.” The mere assumption that equal treatment, regardless of gender is “fairness,” is to say that the details and history don’t matter.

You would be hard-pressed to find a dedicated capitalist argue that the equal distribution of wages, regardless of education, training and personal initiative would be “fair.” Similarly, you’d be unlikely to find someone to convincingly argue that “crime is crime” and that all sentencing should be equal, regardless …read more

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<a href=http://www.huffingtonpost.com/kyra-cavanaugh/a-week-without-an-inbox_b_5913464.html?utm_hp_ref=business&ir=Business class="colorbox">A Week Without an Inbox</a>

A Week Without an Inbox

In honor of National Work and Family Month, I want to throw down a challenge. Take one week in October and ban your team from using email. Get them to step away from the inbox.

I issued the same edict to my team this past spring, after reading a Chicago Tribune interview with Arianna Huffington in which she advised entrepreneurs to avoid the reactive nature of email. As she said, “Any time we are on email, we are reacting. Very often, we may spend an entire day, week, month, year, just reacting and …read more

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Jungle’s retro sounds hit the sweet spot at Black Cat

By Chris Kelly

In the rudderless, post-Internet music world, it takes more than a few catchy songs to get noticed. Fledgling acts can try to craft viral videos (such as OK Go) or perhaps embrace anonymity (such as The Weeknd) to garner buzz. When they emerged last summer, West London soul act Jungle tried both, and — judging by the exuberance of the packed house at the Black Cat on Tuesday — it worked.

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