How To Pick A Lifestyle Consistent With Your Passion

Too many people, young and older, let their career and their lifestyle happen to them, rather than proactively making things happen based on their personal passions, skills, and interests. Others make decisions based on someone else’s interests, such as the father who wants his son to take over the family business, or dreams openly of having a doctor in the family. Neither of these approaches is likely to lead to a satisfying career or personal happiness for you.

These days, with the instant access to information and experts in every field around the world, and the wealth of personal …read more

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<a href= class="colorbox">Jameis Winston Contines To Do What He Wants, Warms Up In Pads After Being Suspended</a>

Jameis Winston Contines To Do What He Wants, Warms Up In Pads After Being Suspended

Jameis Winston seems to do whatever Jameis Winston wants to do.

The suspended Florida State quarterback took the field for warm-ups before his team’s game on Saturday night in full pads and wearing his helmet even though he was barred from playing. Winston did this “after apparently being told he would not be allowed to dress for the game,” according to ESPN’s Chris Fowler. Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher, seemingly quite exasperated, sent Winston back to the locker room to change.


Winston was suspended for …read more

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<a href= class="colorbox">French Farmers Set Vegetables, Manure Ablaze To Protest Falling Prices</a>

French Farmers Set Vegetables, Manure Ablaze To Protest Falling Prices

Farmers dumped piles of vegetables around the town of Morlaix in western France on Friday night before torching public buildings in a dramatic act of frustration at falling revenues.

Around 100 farmers hauled artichokes, potatoes and broccoli to Morlaix by tractor, unloaded them onto the streets and set them ablaze, Reuters reports. According to the BBC, demonstrators also dumped piles of manure in the streets of the Breton town. (Scroll down for photos.)

During the mayhem, angry farmers ransacked and set alight the local tax office and agricultural mutual insurance building, France …read more

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<a href= class="colorbox">Surge Soda Again Sells Out On Amazon</a>

Surge Soda Again Sells Out On Amazon

Surge needs some reinforcements.

This past Monday, when Coca-Cola began selling 12-packs of the lemon-lime soda on Amazon — marking the first time in more than a decade that the product was for sale anywhere — it almost immediately sold out.

Supplies were quickly restocked. But by Saturday, the fizzy green drink had sold out once again.

The company vowed on Twitter to replenish the item by Monday.

<a href= class="colorbox">Activists, Journalists Killed In Spate Of Assassinations In Libya</a>

Activists, Journalists Killed In Spate Of Assassinations In Libya

CAIRO (AP) — Targeted killings in Libya over two days left 10 rights activists, journalists, and members of the security forces dead in the country’s east, local security officials said Saturday.

Among the slain Thursday and Friday were two activist bloggers, and four current and former military and police officers. The officials said three other people who were targeted survived assassination attempts in the eastern city of Benghazi. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to brief reporters.

The identity of the assailants was not immediately known. Islamic radical militias, however, have been …read more

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<a href= class="colorbox">House Campaign Committees Are Sitting On $100 Million In Cash</a>

House Campaign Committees Are Sitting On $100 Million In Cash

WASHINGTON (AP) — The two party committees tasked with electing House members are sitting on a combined $100 million pile of cash, suggesting voters in the handful of competitive districts will face an onslaught of late political advertising.

The National Republican Congressional Committee on Saturday reported raising more than $4 million last month and banking almost $46 million. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee last week announced it raised more than $10 million and has almost $55 million ready to help its candidates.

…read more

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<a href= class="colorbox">'Women > Winning' Is A 'College GameDay' Sign Of Change</a>

'Women > Winning' Is A 'College GameDay' Sign Of Change

Florida State may have put it hopes of a repeating as national champion at risk by (eventually) suspending Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback Jameis Winston for an important game against a major rival. But, perhaps, it achieved, even if only reluctantly, a more important victory for its female students and fans.

Following a vulgar, misogynistic outburst on campus earlier this week, the redshirt sophomore superstar was sidelined for No. 1 Florida State’s nationally-televised clash against No. 22 Clemson. The University initially suspended Winston for just the first half …read more

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<a href= class="colorbox">Tesla Falls Yet Again As Wall Street Sobers On Stock</a>

Tesla Falls Yet Again As Wall Street Sobers On Stock

Wall Street may finally be sobering on Tesla.

The stock price for the electric automaker has soared during the past year, but it fell on Friday after a Goldman Sachs analyst predicted the company will need at least $6 billion over the next 11 years to make its vehicles go mainstream, Bloomberg reported.

If billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk, the company’s chairman and CEO, wants Tesla’s vehicles to be as popular as Apple’s iPhone or Ford’s Model T, the company will have to be producing between 1.8 million and 3.2 million vehicles a year by …read more

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<a href= class="colorbox">ESPN's Sam Ponder: It Shouldn't Be This Hard For Jameis Winston To Respect Women</a>

ESPN's Sam Ponder: It Shouldn't Be This Hard For Jameis Winston To Respect Women

ESPN’s Samantha Ponder understands that the spotlight is on Jameis Winston. But she doesn’t believe it should be this difficult for the Florida State quarterback to do the right thing and stay out of trouble. With the Heisman Trophy winner suspended for one game after a vulgar, misogynist outburst on campus earlier this week,
Ponder appeared on ESPN’s “College GameDay” on Saturday morning to discuss the matter.

“Here’s what I’m not buying. I’m not buying that the expectations are too high. Here’s what we’re asking from him: We’re asking that you don’t lie, you don’t …read more

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<a href= class="colorbox">Ebola Burial Team Attacked In Sierra Leone</a>

Ebola Burial Team Attacked In Sierra Leone

FREETOWN, Sierra Leone (AP) — Some in Sierra Leone ran away from their homes Saturday and others clashed with health workers trying to bury dead Ebola victims as the country struggled through the second day of an unprecedented lockdown to combat the deadly disease.

Despite these setbacks, officials said most of Sierra Leone’s 6 million people were complying with orders to stay at home as nearly 30,000 volunteers and health care workers fanned out across the country to distribute soap and information on how to prevent Ebola. The virus, spread by contact with bodily fluids, has killed than 560 …read more

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